WIAW–Following My Random Cravings

Oh me, oh my.  Yesterday was a “fat day” to the extreme.  Never-ending hunger mixed with a long, kind of stressful day never ends well.

The morning started off good.  A nice big bowl of vanilla Chobani with a little crunchy goodness added in.  I ❤ Kashi cereals!

photo (8)

I had a granola bar mid morning, and a salad, almonds, and apple for lunch.  Oh, and two baby biscottis that were in the lunch room at school.  I’m telling ya…that room can be brutal for the figure!  I never remember to take my phone around with me at school, so no pictures from the day!

Up until this part – all was sort of going well, minus the cookies.  And then my unbearable cravings hit.

First demolished:

IMG_0619.JPG (2)

What I craved for dinner:

IMG_0622.JPG (2)

Sweet potato Popchip nachos with chicken, a bit of cheese, olives, and jalapenos.  It’s unreal how often I crave nachos.

And then, I was craving peanut butter.  But I didn’t have any.  So I made some.  Gotta love the fact that peanuts with a tad of honey make perfect spoon-eating peanut butter.  And you have to love how much of a money saver making your own nut butters can be!

photo (2)

I also may have had a few too many handfuls of straight up peanuts.

It doesn’t help that I took two days off from exercising after the triathlon.  Monday I felt sick and worn down.  Yesterday was just too hectic.  Today is the day to get back on the wagon!

Happy Wednesday!

What’s one thing that you crave often?



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31 responses to “WIAW–Following My Random Cravings

  1. I love any kind of nut butter! I think I have it at least once a day. 🙂 You made your own nut butter….very cool!

  2. Noelle

    I always crave dark chocolate dreams peanut butter!!

  3. I love the days when I get back on the wagon because I always feel so much better. But don’t be too hard on yourself for having an off day!

  4. Somedays our bodies just crave more… and yesterday was yours 🙂 It’s okay girl.. have no shame 🙂

  5. That peanut butter looks really good!

  6. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I have a lot of random eating days like that, especially when my food supply gets low. I love Kashi cereal, too. I could crush a box in probably two days if I let myself!

  7. Maybe it’s your body catching up after the triathalon. I know a gal at work who runs marathons and she said she usually gets a day where she’s famished a day or two after the run once her body settles down from the adrenaline.

    I tried regular Kashi years ago when it first came out (before they had the interesting new flavors) and it looked and tasted like little twigs. Haven’t bought it since. :\ But I have a HUGE sweet tooth so that’s what I crave most. Not looking forward to Halloween candy in the house!

  8. What do you use to make your own pb??
    1) reese’s are the best candy ever. Besides maybe peanut butter m&ms.
    2) those nachos are brilliant
    3) Kashi is my fave. I have to mix it with another cereal that is softer though (like cheerios or chex)
    4) I’m sure your body is doing some serious recovery from the triathlon! Don’t worry about it 🙂

    • Yes—pb m&ms!! Best ever!

      Also, homemade PB is the easiest ever! I use just regular peanuts and a bit of honey, but you can add anything! Or just plain peanuts! I threw it in my ninja mixer and blended until it was creamy 🙂

  9. I wouldn’t worry too much – who knows how many calories you burned during your tri and our bodies need a day to catch up once in awhile. I hope you enjoyed your snacks 🙂

  10. I freaking love pop chips. I have been having the most random cravings too! I think it is the crazy hours and stress this week.

  11. I crave hamburgers and pizza all the time!

  12. I can understand the ‘fat day’ – I had a TERRIBLE one on Sunday. Cookies, peanut butter pie, banana bread = full Diane at the end of the day. I try not to eat like that too often, but it’s always fun to indulge. 🙂 The thing I crave the most is peanut butter or sweet potatoes (I know, strange)

  13. Aww, don’t call it a fat day – that’s so negative, since you’re such an active awesome person! I like to call it a “make up day”. If you’re that hungry, your body is obvi telling you something and you gotta honor it. Especially since it just let you do the tri. We all have to have those days, or we’re not living. Also, you eat like half of what I do soooo.. 😛

  14. Ha, “fat day”. Your body needs the fuel, it’s okay to embrace it sometimes. I never thought to make nachos with sweet potato chips. Nachos are my weakness too.

  15. It happens. Nachos are so good and so are peanuts…they have protein and fat…LOL. You did awesome at your triathon so totally worth it. In my opinion.

  16. Such an ingenious way to eat those popchips!

  17. You gotta go with your cravings! I always crave fro yo 😉

    Do you like those sweet potato popchips? I bought some for a road trip and my friend and I didn’t like them at ALL. I love most of their flavors, but not those 😦 Salt and pepper is my favorite!

  18. Oh girl, I have cravings all the time. I have myself convinced I’m pregnant pretty much every month, haha!

  19. I have no idea how to make peanut butter! Thats awesome.

    Those popchips are amazinggg! I just discovered them and fell in love. Yumm

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