Things That Made My Week Better

If you read yesterday’s post, you may recall that this week hasn’t been that great.  Monday I felt sick.  Thursday was horrible. But there were a few things that made it a tad better.

1.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s monologue on SNL.  I ❤ JGL. Not the best quality video, but you get the point ;).

2.  The start of my favorite shows! HIMYM and New Girl! I just want Jess and Nick to start dating so badly.  And thanks to my friend Chelsea, I have this picture to share with you.

3.  I found out my class for next week is online and we aren’t meeting on campus!

4.  I got a new computer charger…mine was pretty much deadly.  The cord came loose from the brick part of the charger and there were exposed wires.  The only way it worked is if you held the wires together.  Talk about a fire hazard!

5. I ate a lot of nachos.

6. Jack’s Mannequin posted their final song as a band.  To keep tabs on Andrew McMahon, head to his website.

7. Ben Folds Five has a new album. ❤ them.

8.  I am spending the weekend with my mama and my poochie!

Hope you have a great weekend! Any fun plans?!



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12 responses to “Things That Made My Week Better

  1. A weekend with the mom and pooch are the best way to have a weekend! How adorable is JGL right now?? 🙂 To be honest, I didn’t actually know it was him in Looper. I kept thinking, “who is that dude??” Had to goole it. I was like holy cow it’s JGL!! HIMYM! I hope this is the year that we get to meet her!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad that you had so many positive things in your week. I am currently enjoying my coffee before I go run. I am a little bummed because I thought I got to run 5 continuous miles today, but it is only 3 miles. I need to be thankful for it though because I don’t “have” to run, I “get” to run. I am working on more positive thoughts.
    I hope that you have a fun weekend with your mom. We are going to tailgating today so it should be fun. 🙂

  3. Hope you have a great weekend! Glad that were several good parts to your week!

  4. New Girl is one of our shows, we love it! I also really, really, really want Nick and Jess to date badly. Last season I yelled at the tv a lot.

  5. awww I hope you are feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!!
    I loveeee New Girl…I can’t wait to catch up on it once my internet is back! 🙂

  6. that SNL was freaking hilarious, so freaking amazing. And nachos, are always delicious.

  7. LOL at #5!! I’m sorry you had a not so great week.. I hope this one is better 🙂

  8. love this blog! love happy things 🙂
    from what i can tell, this past week has just been a stressful week for most people. me too. BOO stress.

  9. ahhh i’m so excited about NEW GIRL!! love that show!! and of course joseph gordon levitt 😉

  10. omg JGL I could eat him right up.

    I’m glad to hear that things are looking better 😀

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