My Relaxing Weekend :)

My dad was away for the weekend at the Nascar race, so I went home to spend time with my mama to keep us both from boredom!

Before heading home, though, I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s with my friend, Chelsea, on Friday.  And I could not pass up their pumpkin cheesecake heavenly goodness!

IMG_0646.JPG (2)


Saturday was spent cleaning my closet at home and getting rid of a bunch of stuff! YAY!

IMG_0651.JPG (2)

After the major purging of things I’ve accumulated in the 23 years of my life, my mom and I went out to eat with Grandma!  The restaurant we went to is called Atria’s, and they are currently celebrating their Oktoberfest.  I got the Bavarian cheese soup off of the special menu, and it was amazing.  It had whipped cream on it!   I was expecting a thick soup, but was pleasantly surprised by the lightness!

IMG_0660.JPG (2)

My mom and I also went grocery shopping and I came across these:

IMG_0659.JPG (2)

Super tempting not to throw in the cart! I used to LOVE having Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast Smile.

After dinner, my mom and I watched some Breaking Amish and became hooked!  I did not think I would become obsessed with the show, but I love Abe! haha Anyone else watch?! Funny story: on my way back to school I kept passing horse and buggies and wondered if any of them were from the show! They’re kind of from close to me!

This guy watched with us:

IMG_0647.JPG (2)

My baby Curly!

As I headed up to bed after watching, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw how crazy my hair was haha.  Oh myyyy.

IMG_0662.JPG (2)

Yesterday, before I started my drive back to Shippensburg, we stopped at Panera for lunch.  I tried their new chicken stew and it was awesome!! I did not expect such a huge bowl, though, with a “you pick two!”  It comes with a biscuit in it and almost tastes like a pot pie filling.  YUM!  I pair it with their BBQ chicken salad, and got an apple (and my mom’s).  Perfectly filling lunch!

IMG_0663.JPG (2)

I didn’t get to spend time with any friends, but I am completely ok with that! I got to spend time with my mom, and it was quite enjoyable! Topped the weekend off with a misty 4 mile run, and I call it a success! Smile

What’s you favorite thing to get at Panera?

How was your weekend?



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31 responses to “My Relaxing Weekend :)

  1. That pumpkin cheesecake looks awesome!

    I looove the baked potato soup at Panera!

  2. Noelle

    I love breaking Amish!!! I forgot to record it last night…so mad. Thank goodness for on demand. Ha.

  3. What a nice weekend! Even though I don’t get to spend that much time with my parents, I absolutely love when I get to 🙂

  4. That’s great that you finally had a relaxing weekend, especially with your mom. The bavarian cheese soup looks so good!! Have a great week! 🙂

  5. yay for mom time! always worth it.

  6. Where to start? The pumpkin cheesecake? The bbq salad? Your eats all look delicious. Hey – I’m a huge fan of crazy hair and your closet looks EXACTLY like my bedroom right now. 🙂

  7. Ha! I bussed tables at Atria’s while in high school.

    Curly is SO CUTE! I love his little beard 😀

  8. I also discovered breaking amish this weekend, and i am HOOKED!

  9. Yay for quality and relaxing time with your mom! I love Panera…thei broccoli cheese soup, thai chicken salad, breakfast power sandwich, cookies, and tomato soup bread bowl are all yummy in my book. Have a great afternoon! 🙂

  10. Sadly, we do not have a Panera bread. I cry every day over this…

    That picture of your closet just reminds me that I have to go through my massive wardrobe and clean/fold/get rid of a ton of stuff… gah.

  11. French toast crunch was my fave and I miss it so much!

    Did you go to the Atrias on 22?! If so, we were CLOSE!!!!

    Love your hair LOL! My fave thing at panera is probably the tuna sandwich or Fuji apple chicken salad 🙂

  12. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    WHAAAT! I ate at Ruby Tuesdays on Friday night too!!!! I wonder why I didn’t see you there 😉

  13. Looks like an awesome weekend! That cheesecake looks like the bomb. Also, cinnamon toast crunch muffin mix?! Crazy.

  14. I haven’t watched “Breaking Amish” before, but I usually only watch what I like on Hulu so we cancelled our TV back in June. I don’t miss having TV, but like Hulu when I am working out. I also love Panera, but we don’t have one in Spokane yet so I only get it when we go to Seattle or Portland. Thankfully will be in Seattle in two weeks for the Seahawks/Patriots game so I can get some Panera then. I am lucky that even my hubby likes it. 🙂
    Glad that you had fun weekend with your mom.

  15. CHEESE SOUP?! Where the heck was my invite?

  16. Panera is so good! I love their new turkey and cranberry panini, but my favorite has to be the chicken salad sandwich, so good!

    Curly is adorable and that cheesecake looks like it was AMAZING!

  17. Wow, our weekends were eerily similar! I went home to spend time with my mom too, because my dad has been out of town for business. We ate delicious food and got a kick out of watching Breaking Amish, too. Haha. 🙂

  18. I love the bread at Panera – especially their Everything Bagels 🙂

  19. Pumpkin Cheesecake sounds delicious! You always have such busy weekends!

  20. caloricandcrazy

    The pumpkin cheesecake looks so PRETTY and looks like it is cute perfectly!

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