Shippensburg Loving

As I continue through my final few months of school and living at Ship, I’ve been taking advantage of the time I have to ride and run throughout the awesome town and surrounding farmland.  Yesterday, I went on a nice 18.4 mile ride throughout the countryside, and the sights of pumpkins and baby farm animals made me so happy Smile.

When I mean it’s countryside, just look at how the cross country team got their team pictures this year…

If that’s not country enough for ya, I don’t know what is!

Some big news for Shippensburg: one of our about 5 bars in the area was ranked #9 in the country for best bars for bros. 


To see the other bars ranked, check out this article.

Oh, Shippensburg.  I will miss you.  But then again, I am so ready to move on!

I am so ready to join Travis and Geno in a place that rarely snows.  I am not ready for job applications and interviews, though! EEK! I think everyone should be granted 6 months to do nothing in their life.  I would consider taking it sometime soon, though I would need to save some money to travel and really enjoy it!

I know that I’ve been in Shippensburg for 5.5 years, but other than going to college, I’ve never moved.  My parents still live in the same house I grew up in, so the actual moving and not because of college is exciting to me! I can’t wait!

Have you moved a lot? If so, what’s your favorite place you’ve lived?



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13 responses to “Shippensburg Loving

  1. I am excited for you! 🙂 I have lived in the same small town for….well, let’s just say forever. 🙂 It has it’s moments and then there are the moments when you go to the store and you feel like you are running for office because you run into everyone that you know! 🙂 Awesome job on the 18.4 mile ride!

  2. Exciting changes in store for you – just relax and enjoy the ride!

    We moved 3 times when I was a kid growing up – but all houses in the same city. My parents moved to a much bigger city when I was a college Freshman and that was hard to adjust to because it all happened while I wsa away and then, one day, I just drove to see the new house instead of going “home”. But now this place is home. 🙂

  3. TOTALLY AGREE about the 6 months to do nothing with your life. i wanted to go to Europe and visit friends around the country and bum around for awhile but with the whole “finding a job” stress i didnt think i could do it! =[ and now that i’m working, there’s no time to take off that much vacation! Sigh….stinks!

  4. It’s great to see the positives in all of life’s changes – I get so nostalgic about Oakland and I only live a few miles away! 🙂

  5. I am excited for you and I think you have a great attitude around this can’t wait to see what life brings you

  6. I cannot believe you are moving. So crazy! I know how much you loved Ship but I know this time will be awesome for you!

  7. I haven’t moved a lot, I have only lived in two places: Maine and Rochester, New York. Both have their pros and cons, but Rochester is better for my job: sign language interpreter.

  8. I really dislike moving! I’ve lived in various Pittsburgh neighborhoods, but never another city. Hopefully someday!

  9. I feel like I’ve moved every year for the past 5 years! My fave place is home in Pittsburgh though 🙂 Close to my family and the best city ever!

  10. That cross country picture had my dying…WHO takes a picture with that horse carriage like that..hAHAH.

  11. So exciting!!
    It will be great!
    I was born and raised in Vegas and only studied abroad once during the summer. I always think about moving, but chicken out. I think it’s great that you are moving. It will give you a great experience.

  12. That really does look country- but it looks beautiful too!
    I moved a couple of times in college, but that was it. I grew up in the same house that my parent’s still live in.

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