My October

Ok, wellll I totally forgot today is Wednesday AKA What I Ate Wednesday.  It’s fine, though, because this is what I’ve been eating every day this week:

Breakfast: Chobani and Kashi Go Lean Crunch + Coffee

Morning Snack: Luna bar

Lunch: Salad with tuna and almonds

Afternoon Snack: Apple and homemade peanut butter

Dinner: Eggs with cheese

Bedtime Snack: Banana soft serve  with cocoa powder


I’d say that’s what I will have today, but I know that I am actually having pizza for dinner instead! I planned an informational session called “What I Wish I Knew When Applying For Jobs” through the graduate committee I am in charge of.  A Ship alum is coming to talk to us! I hope there’s a good turn out!  I haven’t had pizza in forever!

Since I slacked in the WIAW department today, I figured I’d fill you in on my October. I have a pretty exciting one planned!

This Sunday, my cousin is getting married! I haven’t been to a wedding since last year and I loveee weddings! I am very excited Smile

Then, next week, Travis, myself, and a friend are heading to Tennessee for the Steelers/ Titans football game on Thursday night.  Then on Saturday, we are going to the Vanderbilt game.  The rest of the time will be devoted to exploring Nashville! I have never been to Tennessee, and since I have a bucket list goal of going to all 50 states, I am uber stoked for the mini vacation!  We’ve been wanting to go on this trip for years because Travis is a Titans fan (weird, right) and Jesse and I are Steelers fans!

This is my game face/AKA an extremely embarrassing picture I found of myself from when the Steelers won the Super Bowl in 2009:


This was PRE-victory.

This is Travis with a jersey I once bought him.  Too bad his buddy Vince no longer plays for them!


Then, on October 28, I am heading to New York City on a bus trip from the university to see Newsies AGAIN.  Like I may have mentioned previously, I am absolutely completely OBSESSED with Newsies.  Like super stoked to see it again, and hopefully the new lead is as good as Jeremy Jordan was!

I also have another class starting this month in which we are learning about jobs in special education other than teaching in a district: working in disabilities services, for example.  I am pretty pumped for this class! It’s going to be different than the normal classes as we are going to explore options rather than sit and regurgitate information. I am so lame in that I am looking forward to a class…

Can’t wait for all of these things! Smile  On a side note, I went to Zumba for the first time in a while last night and my legs are really sore! Swim practice this morning may be interesting!

What is on your agenda for the month?



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22 responses to “My October

  1. Nashville is on my to re-visit list! I went years ago when I was much younger and I’d love to go back!

  2. Go Zumba! 🙂 It sounds like you have a busy weekend coming up aaand a fun week! Hope swim class is awesome!

  3. Love how much of a dedicated Steelers fan you are! Have so much fun!! That picture is hilarious!!

  4. I actually love the pre-superbowl pic of you. as a huge football fan myself, I often sludge around head to toe in Packer gear. 🙂

  5. I get to go to the Seahawks/Patriots game next weekend. I am pretty excited! It will be my first NFL game. 🙂

  6. My husband is from KY and I’ve been wanting to see TN for ages now. That part of the country is SO beautiful during the fall. Have a wonderful, well-deserved trip!!

  7. So many exciting things coming up! yay for that!

  8. Aah, I would love to go to Nashville one day! Have a great time! Another busy month for you. I love all of the pictures you find to post! Always make me smile!

  9. AWE. I wish you were traveling to Syracuse or something LOL. I hadn’t thought to banana soft serve with cocoa powder but what a great idea!

  10. The picture of you before the Steelers won the Super Bowl MADE my day hahahaha. So funny! You have the best pictures.

    You have an exciting month!!!

  11. Nashville is SUCH a fun city! their is bar where everyone writes on a dollar bill to hang on the wall – Doc Hollidays. I have one hanging up in there somewhere 🙂

  12. Have fun in Nashville! It is so much fun! 🙂

  13. I want to see Newsies SO BAD! where are you taking the bus trip from! and so jealous you are going to see the steelers in tennessee! it’s my goal to get out to a game this year

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