If I could describe yesterday in one word, I would choose the word “cluster.”  Let me explain:

Yesterday started off as normal.  5:20 alarm clock, out the door ASAP, in the water by 5:50.  The beginning of practice went well, and the we started a set of 4 x 200 freestyle on 2:35.  I made the first one with about 6 seconds rest, and also made the second one.  Then the third one came, and half way through, my cap fell off.  Like straight up floated around.  That immediately threw me off my game, and after attempted another 50, my hair was in my eyes and I had to stop to readjust.  I should have taken that as a warning.

I spent the next 14 hours on campus working, in meetings, and lifeguarding.  During that span, this happened:


I know it’s a grainy shot, but it was taken through my office window at quite a distance.  If you can’t tell, those are people in clown costumes doing cartwheels.  Like is that real life?!

Yes, that happened.

And then, I went lifeguarding, and at about 9:45 with 15 minutes left in my shift, the power went out on majority of campus.  The entire pool was black.  I could not see a soul.  Thank goodness nothing happened and a few emergency generated lights came on so I could get the swimmers out of the water.  Scary, strange, and not the first time this has happened this year.  We’ve been having power outages like crazy and for no reason.  They can’t figure it out!

This is another funny thing.  I looked at my site stats today to see some of the searches. Three of the current searches include:

Seriously, some of the things people use to find my blog are hilarious. Have you had any good ones?!

Anything strange happening in your life lately?? I feel like strange things keep happening!



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7 responses to “Cluster

  1. What a weird day! I hope they get the power sorted out.

  2. That was a weird day! At least you can laugh about it later. 🙂

  3. oh gosh that sounds like a rough day! but you got through it!

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Haha! The clown shot is so funny. So many random weird things happen on college campuses…

  5. LOL. I nearly died laughing at that clown photo. I’m glad to know that happens to someone else too…I don’t even know what I would do if the power went out when I was guarding…gosh…at my hood pool…there would be drownings.

  6. I hate clowns, but being so removed from them that shot DOES look funny. I get super weird about clowns. Fun fact: my side of campus used to have rolling blackouts, so it’s called the “dark side”. I would freak out if the power went out while I was swimming!

  7. clowns doing cartwheels…well at least they probably had a blast!!! I guess we should all do something fun each day

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