Oh Em Glee.

Did anyone else watch Glee last night?! Wowza.  Not going to spoil anything, but I was extremely emotional during it.  And I seriously love all of the songs that were sang.


Not a shocker, though.  I am just a crazy emotional gal. Winking smile  And even more emotional now that Glee isn’t back until November.  BUT DID ANYONE SEE THE MIKE CHANG ACTION? He’s my FAVORITE!

Today, I’m off to my morning swim, and then heading to teach.  My cooperating teacher is out today, so I’m pretty much in charge all day (I was teaching all but two groups, but they’re all mine today!). It will be weird to boss a sub around Smile.

I don’t have much else to say today, but I did re-find a video that me and my swimmer girls used to find hilarious.

Has anyone else seen this? You may not understand unless you are or have been a swimmer!

Oh so silly, but oh so freaking true.

And because I love him so…forgive me for my musical craziness.  I just love them! I know it’s not everyone’s scene but it’s totally mine!

Happy Friday to you! 

Also, keep Travis in your thoughts.  His grandmother passed away this week, and I just wish I could be with him! Push through until Monday!

Any weekend plans for you?



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10 responses to “Oh Em Glee.

  1. Happy Friday! Have fun teaching! 🙂 Working and then going to a festival in town with lots of super fun stuff! 🙂

  2. Haha loved that video, definitely true! I haven’t watched this weeks episode but I will later today! I don’t usually keep up with the show but have been enjoying it the last few episodes

  3. have a great weekend girl, I am not a big glee fan but you make me want to watch it.

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Hope your bf is doing okay. I’ve never watched Glee. I’m actually really horrible when it comes to popular television sooo there are a lot of shows I’ve never seen!!

  5. Happy Friday!! I haven’t watched Glee in FOREVER but Mike Chang has always been my favourite. I’m sending my best thoughts and energies to Travis! 🙂

  6. teehee. I have never actually seen glee but maybe I should. I hope the main man is okay!

  7. Aw, I hope Travis is okay. It’s so sad when grandparents pass away.

  8. I hope Travis is doing okay!
    I’ve never watched Glee. Maybe I should start!

  9. Ive never seen glee, but I have heard great things about it! Im so sorry to hear about travis’ grandmother. sending hugs and prayers your way.

  10. Sending good wishes to Travis!

    I’ve never watched Glee. I really don’t have much time for TV anymore but I do allow myself 1 hr a week to watch Revenge. For whatever reason, I’m seriously hooked on that show.

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