Wonderful Wedding WIAW

I kind of forgot about WIAW last week, but this week, I’m here to show you some of my eats from the wedding weekend!

On the drive there, I chowed on my new favorite pretzels:


Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted with Maryland/fall themed gift bags. 

photo (8)

In them were the amazing Berger cookies for those who know what I am talking about.  Of course, the crab chips and Old Bay fit right in. And also some trail mix that had all of my favorite things in it: pretzels, sesame sticks, peanuts and chocolate.


The wedding food was terrific and comforting:


Chicken pot pie, mashed taters, and a salad with fruit.  Amazing.  I am in love with chicken pot pie. But the cupcake tower was my favorite Smile



I also wanted to show the snack that I’ve been chomping on often:


It is so darn good! Smile

Happy WIAW!


Are you a wedding cake or cupcake fan? What about cookie tables?  Candy tables? Yay/nay?


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20 responses to “Wonderful Wedding WIAW

  1. Berger cookies are amazing! We pick them up whenever we see them in MD!

  2. How cool is that wedding cake!! 🙂 Great Grains has the best cereal 🙂

  3. oh my gosh that wedding cake is absolutely gorgeous! I’m getting married in may but already decided I want a fall theme.. is that weird? haha.

  4. I’ve seen a lot of cupcake tables and I love the look of them – especially with the small cake still on top. I have no idea if I’d do cupcakes or a regular cake, guess I need to get the man to propose first. 🙂

  5. oh I just love weddings! I am a big cake person. mostly because I only get it at birthdays and weddings. Ok. thats like once a month haha. This last wedding I went to they had frozen yogurt and tons of toppings. It was awesome!

  6. I love the goodies from the bride and groom! How cute 🙂

  7. Cool treats! I love cupcakes, so much easier on everyone I think. I’m going to try and makes some tres leches cupcakes for my sister’s birthday!

  8. Oh my god that cupcake tower is fabulous. So much more fun than a traditional wedding cake! I love the idea of serving comfort at the reception too! You’re friends have good taste! Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  9. I love cupcakes. So much, they are my secret weakness…well not anymore. Glad it was such a good time!

  10. I love how they incorporated both their cake and cupcakes. That is such an adorable idea!
    I love that they put so much detail into everything, including the gifts for guests. 🙂

  11. what a cute grab bag, I am intrigued by the flavor of those chips. what do they taste like?

  12. I’ve got to try that cereal! I love that you got to have pot pie at a wedding. That is legit 🙂

  13. Cookie tables! I loooove cookies, but didn’t want an entire table dedicated to them at my wedding. We had a huge platter (like, 24″ diameter) instead.

    This looks like such fun!

  14. That cereal sounds tremendously tasty! The pot pie at a wedding is a good idea in my book 🙂

  15. I think candy/cookie tables are such fun ideas for weddings!! I also love cupcakes, but for my wedding I’m definitely going traditional cake-style. 🙂 Seeing old bay/crab chips makes me miss MD so much!

  16. Crab chips?! Yum! I have to keep my eyes peeled for those!

  17. I LOVEE weddings!! I want to go to one so bad, it’s been over a year!! I love any cake/cupcake/cookie anytime!!

  18. Hehe. I love chicken pot pie too! Especially homemade.

    I think when I go to a wedding that a slice of cake is perfect. I don’t really lik “original” ideas unless they are reallly really good.

  19. Wow that cake/ cup cakes is adorable! I’m a sweets person all the way so I love candy tables, although I didn’t have one at my wedding.

  20. Oh I lovee those crab chips. Heck I love any UTZ flavored chips!!

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