Boots and Boos

When in Nashville…


…one must at least LOOK at boots!  (Yep that’s me with the sign…)


I wish that I could have purchased a pair, but even with the sales everywhere, they still were at least $150 for the cheapest pair, with the average actually closer to $600! One shop even sold them buy one get two free, but even still, couldn’t handle just the initial pair! That would be Boo #1.

What’s Boo #2 you ask? The fact that both teams I went to Nashville to see lost their football games.  The Steelers loss was a surprise, but Vandy was the underdog in their game. 


Also, this is odd: both Trav and I cheering for the same team!


Though the Commodores lost, it was still a great night for a game! The weather was gorgeous! We also got to witness a fight before the game in the stands.  A fight between two grown men.  Who knows what caused it, but drinks were thrown in faces.  And a man and his family (including two kids no older than 15) were kicked out of the game. Come on, guys! Grow up!



After the game, we got a bite to eat and got to bed for a 4 a.m. wakeup call.  And then, it was 11 hour drive back to Ship time Sad smile.  Trav had to drive back to Maryland from there! Poor guy did a lot of driving!

Boo # 3 – the fact that my ankle is still hurting.  But life will go on!

Sadly, that’s the end of the week full of Nashville pictures.  I guess I slacked and should have taken more pictures to last another day!

Happy Thursday! As Ellen would say, “Be Kind to One Another!”



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29 responses to “Boots and Boos

  1. So 1200 for 3 pairs of boots versus 2..sounds like a steal. I’m glad you and Travis could cheer for the same team baaha!

  2. I love how Ellen always says that 🙂

    And yeah…cowboy boots. I’ve taken a few trips to the Southwest and to Kentucky and I always look at cowboy boots and I’m always sad. I buy the knockoffs from Target instead.

  3. Angela @ Health's Angela

    I enjoyed reading all of your recaps! It always makes me shake my head when I see grown men fighting at sporting events or something similar. UGH. People are ridiculous!
    Hope your ankle gets better soon!

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I enjoyed reading your recaps! It always makes me shake my head when I see grown men fighting at sporting events or somewhere else. UGH. People can be ridiculous!
    Hope your ankle gets better soon!

  5. Sorry to hear your ankle is acting up! Hope it’s better soon!

  6. I hoe your ankle feels better ASAP! That is a lot of driving too!

  7. Know what would help your ankle?

  8. AHHH everyone at my college used to tell me i needed a pair of cowboy boots, I wanted a pair badly and still do

  9. Boo to the boo’s!! I think it’s hilarious yet AWKWARD when people get in fights like that!! Seriously..grow up is an understatement!

  10. Sorry about your ankle! I hope it feels better soon! And you’re right – boots ARE expensive!

  11. Sad, none of that sounds good

  12. Gahh sorry to hear about your ankle Nikki, I hope it gets better asap! And ahhhh I would never pay that much! I am far too poor right now haha

  13. Wow they are serious about their boots in Nashville. I’ve always wanted a pair, but not for that much! I Hope your ankle starts to feel better!!

  14. Dang I didn’t know real boots were so expensive! I scored an awesome pair at a vintage thrift store 🙂

    I hope your ankle feels better, Nikki!

  15. cowboy boots for 600 dollars!! HOLY MOLY!It slooks like you had a blast. sorry about your teams and your ankle 😦

  16. My mom used to design cowboy boots, and yeees they are expensive. But they are supposed to last forever! It’s like an investment into your feet?

  17. A couple of weeks ago at the Eastern Washington & Montana game people were kicked out before the game even started. I think in total 20 people got booted out of the game. It was crazy, but I am not surprised because Montana is our #1 competitor. Joke is on them now because we won an our ranked #1 in the nation now. 🙂

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