Instagram Round-up

Bear with me.  I will have many pictures and they will all be random and of the filtered variety. Enjoy Smile

Cooperating teacher’s puppy Smile

Cheering on my old teammates! Go ShipSWIM!

On the way to MD! Yaaaa Hollie!

One of my interesting Wal-Mart finds…

That would be the other!

Nothing like a sprained ankle… hoping tape helps a bit!

Poor college student = low heat = footie pajamas

My bed until graduation… makes for a long way up in the morning!

And the best, a throwback to the 8th grade dinner dance with my handsome date!

There you have my life as of late.  Add in lots of driving and that’s practically it! If you want to follow me on instagram, my username is @ikkint213 (which was my AIM screenname back in the day)…

Happy Tuesday!



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29 responses to “Instagram Round-up

  1. yum! I love the oreos and pringles! I must search for them!

  2. I love anything pumpkin spice! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

  3. YEAHHHH coffee. At first I thought that was pumpkin spice beef jerky but then I saw it was pringles LOL.

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Pumpkin pie spice Pringles!?!? Okay, the world’s pumpkin craze is getting out of hand now…. hahaha.

  5. I hope that the air mattress treats you well. I can’t stand those things! The pringles seriously don’t look good to me. I think that is pumpkin spice taken a bit too far in my opinion. 🙂

  6. Is instagram like pinterest? I’ve yet to jump on either. I happen to like those footie pajamas. In college it seems like you can get away with wearing ridiuclously awesome comfy stuff just because you’re in college and can.

  7. sheetz coffee is one of my favorite, as lame as that is. i don’t have any near me now but when i was in school in VA i would always go to one on my way back from the airport. did you try those pumpkin spice pringles? they kind of look nasty.

  8. those pringles would be gone in a second haha.

  9. I have to be honest..those Pringles sound AWFUL! Did you try them!? Love the pictures, especially the throw back =).

  10. No way! Pumpkin pie Pringles?!? I can’t believe it! Did you eat them? I’m kinda curious, haha!

  11. Hope your ankle is ok! How’s your new bed?

  12. I love Instagram pictures! You always have so much fun stuff going on so I like to see all of yours :). I think I’d really enjoy Gingerbread Oreos… I still haven’t found the candy corn ones yet. I’m becoming desperate haha! I looked at Target and Walmart. AHH!!

  13. Haha this is amazing! The pringles sound interesting, I love pumpkin spice but I don’t know about in pringle form!

  14. Pumpkin Spice Pringles?? Hmm, part of me thinks they sound delicious, but the other part is rather skeptical. Are they that good??

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