Halloween Love

I love Halloween and fall.  Unfortunately, this year, I am being totally lame and don’t really have a reason to dress up.  If I were, I think I would be a bobble head haha:

Instead, I am going to most likely spend my Halloween trapped inside away from the rain.  At least tonight I am making some caramel apples with some cuties.  Here’s a few pics from our apple making adventure last year!


Thankfully, I already got my dose of Hocus Pocus this year. Wahoo!

Here’s some things I wish I could be doing:

Eating this cake:

Making crafty decorations:

And filling bowls with candy corn.

Instead, I am going to sneak in a workout before I have to Skype for class this afternoon.  Hopefully it’s not too long so I can get my things together for NEWSIES tomorrow!  Praying the Frankenstorm can hold off until afterward! NYC better be dry Smile

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Whatcha being?



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8 responses to “Halloween Love

  1. I have spent most of the day just relaxing! I can’t remember the last time that I dressed up for Halloween! I think it was when my friend and I dressed up as dalmations….it was the funniest thing.
    Have a great day!

  2. oh gosh what I would do for a caramel apple!

  3. I heard about frankenstorm! I hope it stays FAR away from all my East coast blogging buddies! I wont be dressing up this year, and I havent seen hocus pocus yet! It better be on again soon! i love that movie haha

  4. PENN STATE!! Love the little girls shirt if ya can’t tell.

    Those caramel apples look pretty delicious. I haven’t had one in the longest time 😦

  5. I don’t plan on dressing up for Halloween… I’ve never really gotten into Halloween for some reason! Those caramel apples look delicious!

  6. Those mummy votive holders are so cute!

  7. I don’t think we are doing anything for Halloween, it is probably going to rain here anyway! I love caramel apple making photos, so fun!

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