Caramel Apple Time!

Good morning! Another day off of school for me!

I had mentioned that I would be making caramel apples this weekend.  I met Makenna through a mentorship program for student athletes a few years ago and now we are really close, and I am actually finding refuge with her family during Sandy’s super storm. We made them Saturday night, and I definitely had my fair share of sugary goodness Smile

Here’s the process!

First, we melted the caramel and put the sticks in the apples.  We found a recipe that said to put marshmallows in the caramel, which actually helped the caramel stick to the apples.  Last year the caramel ran off of the apples, which made it less sugary and healthier!  I totally liked the addition of mallows!




It was a little sticky Smile




We decorated with chocolate and sprinkles…


…and Brady busted out some pretzels!


Delicious Smile

I think caramel apples are one of my favorite parts of fall!

What’s you favorite part of fall?



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32 responses to “Caramel Apple Time!

  1. Omg, yum! I haven’t had a caramel apple in forever!

  2. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Aw, that looks like a lot of fun. So nice that you have a pseudo “family” out there, too!

  3. How fun! Those apples look delicious!!

  4. Aww that looks so cute and fun! And yummy!

  5. Love this! (send me some) Can’t believe you guys have another day off from school. How is the weather down there?

  6. I love caramel apples too, but have never made them before because they do look messy. Your caramel apples turned out great!

  7. Oh yum!! It’s been way too long since I’ve had one. It looks like so much fun!

  8. gosh I haven’t made caramel apples in ages, drool!

  9. What a fun night! I can’t remember the last time I had a caramel apple.

  10. Pretzels sound AWESOME on a caramel apple! YUM!

  11. Oh my gosh these look amazing!! delicious!
    I just read your comment on my blog…
    you need to tell me what’s up with your ankle?!
    I hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

    • I have a light sprain…just enough that it’s uncomfortable but the bruising has gone away and it’s not really swollen! Just so annoying!!! I’m supposed to go to PT but don’t really have the time…any suggestions?!!?!?!

      • I have a lot of suggestions! 🙂
        …put heat on your ankle when you wake up in the morning. Before bed: write the ABC’s with your foot (point your big toe up in the air and move it around using your ankle) do 3×10 heel raises (flex your calf and come up on your toes) and ICE for 10-min, take a couple ibuprofen and drink tons of water!

      • You’re the best! I will be trying that today 🙂

  12. Look like an amazing afternoon!

  13. I really want one of those now! Yum!

    My favorite part of fall is cooler running weather and pumpkin spice lattes 🙂

  14. How fun! Looks like you guys had a great time making these.

  15. yum.yum. yum. Ive never made them,, but this might be a good activity for me and andrew!

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