A New Month to Brag

Here I am: back again this week to brag about the PMBs.  Thanks to Hollie, of course. 

Might as well start the NEW MONTH off with some happy thoughts! Can you believe it’s November already? I have a month and a half left of grad school until I graduate! Ahhhh!  Time to brag about myself! (Also, the pictures in this post don’t really correlate, but I have more NYC pictures to share Smile)

Physical: I have been having a lot of leg trouble this year for those who don’t know.  I started the year off training for a marathon, which ended in 3 months of physical therapy on my hip flexors (talk about major suck-fest).  And then, things were looking up.  I was running about 2-4 miles 3 times a week while working in swimming, tons of biking, lifting, etc.  I was enjoying my workouts.  And then, I went to Tennessee and I guess walked too much because now I have a minor ankle sprain.  Like really?! I guess I’ll be walking my 5k in a few weeks and hopefully training for the half marathon I have in May! Not really a brag, right? But it is. My body is strong.  It heals itself.  It has gone through torn rotator cuffs, sprains, tendonitis.  Yet it still pushes forward.  My body has allowed me to swim 50 x 200s in less than 3 hours (for those of you unfamiliar with swimming, that’s 10,000 yards pretty much with no break).  My body has completed triathlons.  It has run a half marathon.  It has biked 65 miles to support my favorite cause.  My body is strong.  Even the doctor told me my ankles were strong! Smile  I sometimes may think my body is letting me down.  But in reality, it has been so good to me!

This random picture kind of correlates: I wore my fuzzy socks on the bus home from NYC and you can see my ankle tape! The ankle that WILL heal and be strong again and allow me to do so much more awesome stuff Winking smile!

Broadway-Newsies 140

Mental: This week has been kind of simple due to 2 storm days, but yesterday I had a mental dilemma that kind of upset me.  So you see, I set my alarm for the normal Wednesday time of 5:20.  I got up, put on my swim suits, drove half way to swim practice, and then, while at a red light, went to check on my phone to make sure that there was still practice (you know, because the storm wasn’t that nice to everyone around me).  Turns out, practice was cancelled.  And I had no reason to be up at that hour.  I was really mad at first.  I haven’t been stressed lately, but that kind of put me in a funk.  My gym isn’t even open at that hour, so I was honestly up for nothing.  I took a tiny nap and reset.  Instead of letting that keep me in the dumps for the whole day, I decided to drink lots of coffee during the day and then push myself at the gym in the afternoon.  My mental attitude has become so much stronger as I have grown up.  I can be pretty hard on myself, but I am starting to understand how to stop being that way.  It’s really hard.  I have a pretty bad self-attitude.  But being able to recognize that I feel is a mental strength.  Now all I can do is work toward changing how I sometimes feel about myself! (Ok, that was a huge ramble…and I don’t even know if it makes sense.  Oh well.)

Broadway-Newsies 056

Brag: Wellll.  This is the honest to goodness thing I am going to brag about.  I only ate ONE piece of candy yesterday and it was HALLOWEEN.  One measly Reese’s cup.  Totally worth every calorie. And it was one of the happiest parts of my day (lifeguarding from 7-10 pm…not the happiest part haha.)

Broadway-Newsies 073

Ok, your turn. Brag about something! Honestly, put your humbleness aside and brag!   I feel as though we are all happier in life if we are confident in ourselves, and that is what I am working toward.  So brag! I want to hear about it!

Happy Thursday! I have a long day today…full day of teaching followed by night class in Harrisburg!



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19 responses to “A New Month to Brag

  1. YESSSS! That is awesome about Halloween, I’m so happy for you! I totally agree about bragging making things better and being confident. Have a great (and shortened day). 😉

  2. Great job on sticking to one piece of candy yesterday! I didn’t eat any candy yesterday and I’m kinda proud of that too.

  3. Wow! One piece of candy! You rock sister..:) Happy Thursday!

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I didn’t have any Halloween candy yesterday…or any other day for that matter. And I’m kind of bummed! Haha. But…I did bake chocolate chip cookies soooo I had my fair share of chocolate. I was proud of myself for stopping after two cookies. 😉

  5. A big WHOOOOOOOP on being almost done with grad school. I am so jealous because after this semester, I’ll only be halfway through!

    I am bragging that I have zero willpower when it comes to candy. I’m eating way too much and enjoying myself. Heaven help me next month when the scale isn’t too impressed. 😉

  6. I love how in this post you’ve been able to change the negatives for the positives ❤

  7. It’s wonderful to see such a positive post! I am really glad you are able to brag on all fronts. I need to do that for myself. Positivity is good! 🙂

  8. Great post Nikki! You should be proud for having such a strong body.

  9. Awesome post! I think the “physical” part of this is such a great idea! Too often, we focus on what we can’t do, instead of what we CAN do.

  10. way to go! I love this. You have so much to be proud of

  11. Great attitude girl! And congrats on the candy. I caved and ate.. A lot. Lol.

  12. You have every right to brag!! One piece of candy..that’s awesome!
    And I would be just as excited as you to almost be done with grad school!! The rest will fly by!

  13. Great brags!! Kudos to you for sticking to one piece of candy!

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