Why Would I Go Against What I Know?!

Ok, so is it pathetic that after only 2 days of productivity this week, I am already SO ready for it to be the weekend?! I don’t care how pathetic it is; it’s totally the truth. 

This weather has been such a Debby downer…I haven’t seen the sun shine in about a week!

Insert musical song here:

Another thing that had me down: the way I felt yesterday morning.

Let me explain: if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself as an athlete, it’s that I cannot workout on an empty stomach.  I have had many a morning dryland practice that I get sweaty, light headed, fuzzy eyed, and feel like I am dying just because I haven’t had enough. There was a few year period of my life that I would just wake up in the morning and pass out for no reason.  I once even had to get stitches on my eyelid because I hit my eye off of the bathtub (on my dad’s birthday).  And I practically refused because I was so mad my mom was making me get stitches which meant that I wouldn’t be able to swim and I had perfect attendance for two seasons already.  I was am lame.

Insert high school swimming picture to show you how lame I was: (and that’s my girlfriend Meredith Smile)


I know it’s different for all athletes, but I at least need something in my stomach that will help me complete a workout without dying. I need different amounts of food for different types of workouts, and I know this.  So why did I think yesterday morning would be an exception?  I knew that I would be unable to workout between 7:30 am and 9:30 pm (aka bedtime) due to teaching all day and then having night class.  So I set my alarm early to workout at home. 

Don’t get me wrong, the workout was awesome.  If you like quick workouts and you like Tony Horton, you’ll like the workout I found in Fitness Magazine that is a sampling of his new p90xTREME. 

The feeling that I had after the workout was not awesome.  First, I felt like I was going to be sick.  I felt sweaty and had chills.  I had to force myself to eat something —which I have had to do before! I wonder why I don’t listen to what I know I need to do! It took a while for the food to kick in.  I sat in the shower allowing my body to feel normal again. I am honestly surprised I wasn’t late to teach!

Here’s the moral of the story: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  You know your body better than anyone else.  You know what you need to do to perform at your best.  I need to keep this in mind; it’s a lesson I have learned before, and yet I disregarded it!

Here’s the workout if you’re interested!

Have you ever not listened to your body?



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13 responses to “Why Would I Go Against What I Know?!

  1. The shorter the week, the more needed the weekend is because it’s like all the week that is spread out is compressed if that even makes sense.

    I agree about listening to your body. I always need something before I swim, and I can get away without having something before running but I don’t like it. I’d rather have food then not before a workout. I do agree though-I don’t understand how people can workout for a couple hours with no food beforehand.

  2. I totally agree with Hollie…..the shorter the week, the more stess that it seems to be filled with. I don’t always listen to my body the way that I am supposed to, but I like you have to have something on my tummy when I work out. When I was younger, I didn’t have to as much, but now….most definitely! 🙂

  3. So important to listen to our bodies! They let us know when we are hungry, when we need to rest, when we need to move, etc… we just don’t always listen. I definitely have been ignoring some knee pain for the past two weeks, but I realize I really need to give it a break right now so it can rest and heal!

  4. I have to eat in the morning before I work out no matter what. I have tried not eating because I was in a hurry and the workout was totally worthless. Even if it is half of a granola bar I am much better off. At least the next time you will know so that you won’t experience what you did yesterday.

  5. Aw, man! I’m really sorry to hear that you had a rough morning.

    I’m usually pretty good about listening to my body in the short term (I’m tired, I’m hungry, etc), but I’m really shaky about listening to my body in the long term (aching knees, especially).

    It’s hard! Maybe you could put a sticky note on your gym clothes that says, “EAT!” That way, at least you might think twice.

  6. Angela @ Health's Angel

    It’s amazing how smart our bodies are, that’s for sure! There are some days where it seems like I’m always hungry. As much as I want to tell my body to shut up, and that it’s had enough, I know that it’s signaling me for a reason!

    I always make sure to work out with something in my stomach. I don’t know how some people even skip breakfast in the morning!

  7. I know this feeling all too well! If I run on an empty stomach / run too close to eating I can gaurantee that yours truly will be upchucking on the side of the road. HORRIBLE. Love that picture!!

  8. AMEN, I always am so in tune with my body now after my injury last year. I know workouts should be tough but some are not worth it in the end.

  9. I haveeee to eat before a workout, however it can’t be too much! I’m sorrrry you felt like this, but now you know..NO exceptions.

  10. I use to never have to eat before a workout, but now I absolutely have too. I’ll get so weak out on a LR, and just not there mentally.

  11. I know that feeling! Amen to listening to your body. Also, in 98% sure I know Meredith from life guarding LOL!

  12. I am usually pretty good about it but sometimes I make an excuse of “listening” when it is really just me being lazy haha. Hope you are feeling better!

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