It’s PMB Time

It’s bragging time! Smile Thanks to the lovely Hollie, of course, who I will be seeing in a few short weeks. Heck yes!

Here we go!

A physical brag: I am the fastest girl at swim practice.  Winking smile  If you read my daily mile post yesterday, you might have noticed that I kind of complained about being the fastest girl at practice.  Why? Because when we do sets where he puts us in lanes by speed, I get paired up in a heat with all of the fast guys and they swim super fast and make me get last haha.  Also, because I am the only girl in my normal lane, I get eaten alive by their currents sometimes.  But still, I have been swimming in the fast lane, making the times, and getting good workouts! Heck yes for having the background of being a collegiate athlete! Makes me feel special!


I threw this picture in here because it’s brag-worthy.  I medaled in my first triathlon! And I just yesterday became a member of USA Triathlon…I think next year will be a big year for me…more on that later Winking smile

A mental brag: Because I am super smart and good at what I am going to school for, I am presenting at the PA Council for Exceptional Children conference tomorrow! Ok, that was really braggy.  But seriously, I get the opportunity to present a project that I did with my friend, Lisa, to educators and other members of the special education field.  Talk about a resume booster!  Our presentation is titled “Teaching Independent Living Skills to Students with Disabilities using Video Modeling” or something like that.  Here’s a still shot from our video we made….hahahaha


Yep, one of our skills is lunch packing.

Regular old brag:  If and when I get through this stressful week, I will get to spend time with many of my favorite people over the weekend.  I am bragging because I get to spend the weekend with my boyfriend, and Saturday with my parents and my second family.  For a girl who barely gets to spend time with loved ones, I feel as though this is something for me to brag about. I won’t get to see my sister, best friend or this guy, though:


At least I’ll be living with him again soon enough!

Your turn: Tell me one thing you’re proud of!



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12 responses to “It’s PMB Time

  1. Awesome job (on everything)! I’m proud that I’m keeping a positive attitude even though I’m super stressed!

  2. Morning Nikki! You have some great things to be proud of! After a stressful week, it’s always great to be able to unwind on the weekend. I plan on doing the exact same thing.
    Rock star on the swimming thing chica! Up against the fella’s! 🙂
    Have a great day!

  3. You should be so proud of yourself for your awesome improvements in swimming! I don’t know how you do it – I get SO out of breath!!

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that you are the fastest swimmer. Speedy little lady! I would die- you would lap me multiple times. Actually my 1 lap would probably be 2 for you!

  5. pickyrunner

    It’s awesome that you can get back in the pool and still beat everyone! I swam for the first 2 years of college and recently decided to switch to xc and I hope that someday I’ll be able to hop back into the pool and rekindle that love I once had for the sport, without dying after a 50. I used to be the fastest on my team too and swimming with the boys definitely made me stronger, if not faster!

  6. Super brag plus normal brag. I dig it. I’m glad you are fastest swimmer and I’m super happy for you. Work it girl. I’m going to go check out dailymile now.

  7. I am ready for your weekend to come too, sounds like you have some great stuff planned.

  8. I would always swim with the guys during swim practice, too. I was the fastest girl on my YMCA and high school swim team so I would always workout with the guys. I wasn’t last though, since the guys kind of half a**ed it during practice, which made me angry!

    We have a photo of one of our cats that looks similar to the one of yours, so cute!

  9. Angela @ Health's Angel

    That is awesome about you being the fastest girl! Way too kick butt! 🙂

  10. Atta girl! Way to be the fastest girl! That is definitely something to brag about! 🙂

  11. Girl, you deserve to brag. Seriously, fastest girl? Pshh i’d be bragging all over the social media if I wore you 🙂

    I’m so excited that soon you’ll be spending time with all your loved ones. xo

  12. Woohoo, I’d definitely be excited over being the fastest girl at swim practice. That’s brag worthy!

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