WIAW–Delayed Weekend Recap

You all are going to have to wait for a JGL recap…it’s WIAW! And this post is also sort of a weekend recap, which I have failed to post until now.

Travis got here late on Friday, so we didn’t get much done before we headed to sleep to rest up for Saturday.  My parents showed up around 10, and we headed to Best Buy so I could get a new laptop (YAY!).  Well, I chose the laptop I wanted (Lenovo Yoga 13), traded my computer in, and was ready to sign the papers for the new computer.  In the meantime, I watched a costumer walk out the door with the last computer.  The person who waited on me checked to make sure that there was one left, but never pulled it off of the shelf and it was given to someone else.  I even had to FIGHT the workers to get my original computer back.  There were no other ones in the local area, either.  It was a huge cluster, and it was extremely frustrating. I turned to my new favorite love for consolation:


Probably the best thing to ever come from Walmart.  Even better in the form of a milkshake:


Best. Idea. Ever.

Not the best idea ever:


I didn’t try them, but I don’t think I want to…

Sunday morning, Travis and I went to Biscotti Café for breakfast.  I had to get coffee so that I got a piece of biscotti with it!


I also got a spinach, bacon, and cheese omelet.  It was amazing.


Lastly, I never told you all how my presentation went Friday.  Well, it was great! It was only a poster presentation, but it all came together nicely! Here’s proof:


To check out what the other fabulous bloggers are eating, head over to Jenn’s link-up!

Happy eating!

What’s the best thing you’ve had recently?



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20 responses to “WIAW–Delayed Weekend Recap

  1. I love going out to eat for breakfast… that omelet looks delish!

  2. I’m getting pumped for our biscotti meetup! Your presentation looks great too! I’m glad it went fabulously!

  3. Hmmm best thing I had recently was probably the tacos from a local place over the weekend. They were sooo freaking good!
    Sorry about your computer 😦 that’s a bummer!

  4. Um yeah, those chips don’t look like something that I would want to try. 🙂 So glad that your presentation went great!

  5. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Ugh, Pringles…they’re just getting out of control now! I mean, white chocolate peppermint!? Blechhh! Those Oreos look pretty good, though. 🙂 Excited to hear about JGL! LOVE him!

  6. Man, I’ve been waiting on a care package from my mom for the past week.. and it includes those oreos!! Now I’m even more sad that it didn’t come today 😦 😦 Boo!!!!

    On a happier note though, I am so glad your presentation went so well 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. I’m not sure what to think about those pringles. They are scaring me a bit! Sorry about the laptop. What a snafu 😦 Hopefully you can get yours soon.

    Best thing I ate – mom brought over warm apple pear crisp last night. It was amazing. I need the recipe so I can post it on my blog ASAP!

  8. Are those oreos for real? Holy yum!! ANd I heard about the pringle flavors…Im not a big fan of those chips in general, so I wont be rushing out to try them. If those were cream cheese flavors however, Id be all over them 🙂

  9. Great to hear the presentation went well! Going out to breakfast is the best!

  10. Everything looks so yummy! I’m a sucker for biscotti and coffee! Glad your presentation went well honey! Have a great day!

  11. Eww those pringles do not look appetizing. Probably the first peppermint/cinnamon combo I haven’t liked

  12. Gingerbread Oreo’s?!
    I wish I could pull that biscotti through the screen right now! YUM!
    I am sooooo excited for all the holiday sweets & treats I cannot wait!!!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your man!

  13. Man, bummer about your computer! I can’t believe you had to fight them for your original computer back!

    However, I’m glad to hear that your presentation went well. I knew it would 🙂

  14. That breakfast looks so good, but those COOKIES look to die for. A milkshake is genius!

  15. I am intrigued by those pringles, would love to hear how they taste.

  16. I’m sorry for your computer disappointment. That sounds quite annoying! On the other hand, congrats on your presentation! Aren’t you happy it’s over?! 🙂

  17. Anything with bacon tastes good! Congrats on the presentation!

  18. Oh how I wish I could eat oreos!! I would be all over those gingerbread ones! Especially in milkshake form 🙂 Sorry about the computer mishap. I hope that you get the one you want!

  19. You get some such cool products. gingerbread oreos sound aamzing!

  20. Um, those Pringle flavors are just scary. But man, I am so curious. I give in to the strange too easily, haha! It really makes me want to buy them just to try them!

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