Bragging my way through life!

It’s the time of the week again.  I know it’s impolite to brag, but coming from someone who typically thinks pretty low of herself (I’m not going to lie, this girl’s got low self-confidence/self-esteem), finding reasons to celebrate the person I am helps me to recognize my strengths helps! Especially on Thursdays, which are long, long days for me!

Physical: Ok, you all.  I am not going to lie, and I know I’ve said it before, but I gained about 30 pounds after stopping competitive swimming + then not being able to exercise due to mono.  And it kills me.  But recently, I lost approximately 10 pounds.  It was ten, but then this weekend I went to Olive Garden and ate a ton and have just been stuffing my face this week.  So it’s probably more like 6 at this point haha.  But still, I started the weight loss process finally, and I hope to continue it for a least a few more pounds so that I feel more comfy in my skin as well as my clothes 😉 

Mental: Not knowing what lies ahead for me is stressful.  Applying for jobs in a nearly jobless market is stressful.  Having less than a month left of graduate school is stressful.  But you know what’s pretty darn awesome? I have an empty slate ahead of me.  In one of my current classes, there are 4 students.  And I am the youngest by at least 10 years.  And the one thing that the professor and my peers have told me is that they wish they were in my position.  Young, educated, and free to pick and choose and explore careers.  Mentally, I’m ok with the stress I have right now because it will help me in the future.  Make it through this tough month, and I can have adventures and explore the world until I find something that I want to wake up for every day.  And hopefully, I will have the mental strength to leave a job that’s not satisfying if that day should ever come.  On Tuesday, at the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/hitRECord show I went to, he asked us about the road.  What does the road mean to us and how are we traveling on the road?  I tweeted this as a response:

It’s so true.  I am mentally proud of myself because I have been making an effort to try and turn the stress into excitement.  It’s hard, but I hope it lasts through any potential interviews, etc.

Brag: I had the best meal before the hitRECord on the road show.  I mean, I will be giving you a full recap of the night when I get around to uploading my pics/videos to my computer, but I just want to give a shout out to Chef Geoff’s.  I started off with a drink (what?! I barely drink!!).  And then I had to have another because the Candy Apple Sangria was to die for.  Followed by a black bean burger with deep fried jalapenos on it and sweet tater fries (for only 6 dollars during their 3-7 happy hour…).  And the real kicker was the dessert: Oreo bread pudding with chocolate ice cream and CHOCOLATE POPROCKS.  It was amazing.  Heavenly, really. There were explosions of candy in my mouth as I ate ice cream, cookies, and bread pudding all rolled into one.  Poprocks made me reminiscent of my childhood and sitting around my grandparent’s house with my cousins.  Sadly, no pictures were taken because the lighting at the bar was really dark, but if you’re in the DC area, you must go! It’s definitely brag-worthy.

Found this picture of the dessert on Yelp: 

Thanks to Hollie for her weekly PMB posts! These have really helped me pull positives on days that may not be so happy!

One last thing: good luck to all of my Ship swimming family at George Mason this weekend! First shave and taper meet of the season, and I bet my bottom dollar that I see some PRs by the end of the meet! Ship Swim for life! Red Raiders in a State of War! Bring it! (PS, I miss being part of that team!)

Go on: brag! I insist that you do! 🙂



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27 responses to “Bragging my way through life!

  1. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! 10 pounds is a lot, and so is 6. I can’t wait to see you lose eve more. I know you will get back on track and whatnot. I’m getting so excited for our date.

    Also bring some of that oreo bread pudding…it will be glorious. 😉

  2. Girl, even if you gained a few lbs back after olive garden (which um im completely jealous of. gosh I could go for one of their breadsticks right about now), 6 pounds is still awesome!!

    && uh doesn’t mono suck!!???!

  3. Way to turn stress into excitement! That’s really hard!!

  4. That’s so awesome on the pounds Nikki! 🙂 I think you have a lot to be proud of! 🙂

  5. Nikki, 10 pounds is a HUGE accomplishment! I’m so glad that you’re doing it the healthy way – exercising and eating sensibly (but still allowing yourself a few treats!)

    Can’t wait for that JGL update 😀

  6. Congrats on the weight loss! I too had lost quite a bit and then had to take some steroids for a nose issue… and put on almost 30 myself. Haven’t gotten any headway taking it off yet – but you’re doing great. I LOVE these types of posts too – we don’t often take the time to brag or just be happy about what’s going well. Celebrate yourself!

  7. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Girl, you rock! Losing ten pounds is no easy feat. Keep it up! I contracted mono at the end of my senior year of college…it was absolutely awful. Knocked me on my butt for a good few months and I STILL get fatigued at times, so I feel you!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss!!! I found that when I was trying to shed weight that by giving myself 1 cheat day I was less likely to indulge during the week. I usually used Saturday as the day where I could eat basically whatever I wanted.

  9. I had chocolate poprocks before because I found them at world market and I loved them. I am not even a big chocolate person but wow. I am glad you are embracing that unknown. I am in the same boat and I just keep telling myself that things will find a way to work out

  10. Congrats on your weight loss 🙂 I think weight fluctuates a ton between high school then college and then post college but it sounds like you are beginning to get back to a weight that is great for you! Very exciting 🙂 (And don’t let the Olive Garden, over-indulgent week set you back – you got this!)

  11. Girl – losing 10lbs and finishing grad school is TOTALLY brag worthy. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  12. YES! 10pounds is amazing!! SIX pounds is amazing!! Keep going and before you know it you will be beyond your goal and loving it!! Slow and steady is the way to go!! You are amazing! Your graduation is about to be HUGE! I am so proud of you, and you know a lot of us are in a similar boat of..”what now!?”

  13. wahoo! way to brag lady! I love that you are so honest! I am also in your boat too..kind of free to make choices with careers and such. possibly grad schools in maryland for next year! WHO KNOWS!? PS are you moving to Salisbury in December? I may be in the summer/fall not sure yet 🙂

  14. Great brags, lady! Happy for you on the weight loss! That is a big accomplishment! 🙂

  15. ittybitsofbalance

    I can’t believe I’ve never asked you what your major is? I’m considering going back to school, but am kind of at a toss up between a couple different options. If only somebody would just tell me all the right moves to make ahead of time! 😉

    And congrats on the weight loss Nikki. You look great, and it will only get better from here! 😀

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