My Top Plays

Happy Friday! YAY! So glad to have made it through this week. 

I know, I know you all want to hear about JGL, but this week has been nuts and I haven’t even looked at the pictures.  Instead, I got this brilliant idea from Jess at A Taste of Confidence to break down my musical interests and say how they fit me!

My iTunes most played kind of sucks because it’s basically the same few albums’ songs.  Lame, right?  I think I figured out the most played, though.

Here’s what my musical interests say about me:

1.  I’m eclectic – the top 2 songs on my playlist are Fall by Something Corporate and Maybe This Time from Glee. I mean, really?  While both are depressing romantic songs, one is by a alt rock punk band and one is from two of the most popular singers to step foot on Broadway. I have 20.7 days worth of music on my computer (7,922 songs!).  They range from show tunes to screamo to country to electronica to Christian to folk and beyond.

2. I’m learning to love myself: At Least I’m Not as Sad (As I Used to Be) by fun. Learning to love myself is hard.  It requires me to take the things I don’t like and turn them into positives.  Not easy for this chica!


3. I should have been alive in the 60s.  Not only do I have practically every Beatle’s song known to man, but one of my favorite albums includes one of my favorite bands, Steel Train, covering songs from 1969, like I Want You Back.

4. My musical preferences haven’t changed much since I was little.  My favorite music growing up was Billy Joel, and pretty much all of his music is strongly piano.  All of my favorite music involves a piano: Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, Ben Folds, etc.  Piano Rock = love.  Especially when the song consists of Andrew McMahon singing Billy Joel’s Piano Man.   P.S. Andrew McMahon and I both saw Billy Joel at our first ever concerts.  Here’s me and my love, Andrew.

assateague 592

5.  I should be a female rapper.  I can rap all of Nicki’s parts in Monster and Bottoms Up and these are two of my favorite songs.  Which kind of goes back to number 1: my musical tastes are so nuts.

6.  I love cats.  Especially ones with mustaches.  Does your cat have a mustache?

7.  I’m a huge New York City lover.  Between Reel Big Fish, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Newsies, and just the insane amount of musicals I have, there are a lot of signs that I’m destined to be a NYC fan forever.  All of the links for these artists are to songs I have with New York in the song.  Some are ska music (for those of you who don’t know what ska is, it’s ok.  I was a HUGE ska fan in high school).  Some are pop.  But they are all about the Big Apple.

8. I like to work out.  I mean, as if this wasn’t already know, my songs go to show how much I like working out: Kanye’s New Workout Plan and Jack’s Mannequin’s Swim.  I feel this one goes without explanation. 

What’s one of your most played songs? Do you have a favorite genre?



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10 responses to “My Top Plays

  1. I have never met anyone else who enjoys (or knows the song) bottoms up. It really excites me that you do!

  2. I love that your music tastes are so diverse! You don’t see that much these days!!

  3. Love Jay-Z!

    Right now, I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic hip hop/dance music. Keeps me productive!

  4. GIRL female rapper all the way. I adore lots of different types of music, especially the old throw backs like taking back sunday and red hot chili peppers but I do adore my rap. I swear I rap in my head or out loud when I am alone.

  5. Love that you are keeping this going! I used to love something corporate and all those bands! Jacks Mannequin came to our college last spring and it totally brought my back haha.

  6. Cute post!

    I am definitely random when it comes to my music, I have pop, rap, alternative, etc. on my iTunes. I also like Marilyn Manson and other things like that. Yep, I’m definitely random!

  7. OMG can we be a female rap duo?!?! 😉

  8. This post is too cute!!
    I have being listening to mainly Mumford and Sons. I just can’t get enough of their new album.

  9. Love this – I adore Broadway too, but I have different favorites. All-time is Rent, but I basically love them all!

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