JGL Revealing

Ok, so you may recall that last week I went to a show called hitRECord On the Road with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  While I had no idea what to expect when buying the tickets, I was pleasantly surprised with the whole night!


The tour’s theme is “On the Road”.  The audience was asked to think about what the road means to them.  How they got to where they are, and how they see the road ahead.  With the audience interaction, we watched videos all revolving around the theme of the road.


The whole thing was taped and audience members were encouraged to record the show and upload it to hitRECord’s website.  The website is a collaborative site in which people upload pictures and video and voice and make movies, songs, etc.  Anyone can join, and all of the things shown at the show were produced from hitRECord.  Joe, as he refers to himself, also filmed pretty much everything.  What a stud Winking smile


Here’s a hysterical video called Strawberry Bootlaces that was shown. 

In addition to videos, there was singing, dancing, acting.  A guy acted as a grandma.  It was hysterical.  Here’s a picture of dance auditions that were occurring for a future video.  Oh ya, they’re going to pull scenes from the tour and use it for the hitRECord TV SHOW THAT HE IS CREATING.  I cannot wait.


Here’s a little bit of JGL singing a song for the “Loops” theme.

All in all, it was an awesome, hysterical, collaborative, adorable night.  So different than anything I’d ever gone to, and I loved that about it!

You should totally be jealous Winking smile And you should actually check out the hitRECord website.  Joe and crew have made some awesome work!



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10 responses to “JGL Revealing

  1. How adorable is he!? I bet you did have the best time and glad that you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. Love this! So glad you went and enjoyed it!

  3. I just love him, like a lot. So jealous you went to this.

  4. This sounds so cool!! I am so glad you were able to go and share it with us!

  5. looks like a blast!!! and what a creative show- I have never heard of anything like this before! (totally jealous haha)

  6. Angela @ Health's Angel

    He’s so dreamy. 🙂

  7. bahh I love JGL something fierce. I was semi familiar before with his work, but love that you went more in depth about this. So very jealous.

  8. Aw! This looks like a really, really fun evening!!!

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