Farmers Fishers Bakers

YAY I’m finally home!!!!  Wahoo!!! So exciting to spend time with my family and puppy!

On Sunday, my sister, Travis and I went to brunch at a brand new restaurant in DC called Farmers Fishers Bakers.  It just opened last weekend, and it’s by the same people who own Founding Farmers which made me know before even going that it would be amazing.


The restaurant itself is pretty awesome looking.



First trip:


Breakfast jambalaya, puffy tacos, egg casserole, and farmeroni.

Round two:


Yogurt and granola, salad, and breakfast taco

Next up:


Bread pudding French toast

Nacho time with farm fresh salsa!


The awesome part of this whole brunch was that not only were their the tables of food, but waiters and waitresses also came around with goodies. 

They came with biscuits and cinnamons rolls,




Sushi and shrimp, too, which I did not have.  But the sushi came in an adorable fashion.


Ahhh, yes.  Can’t forget dessert! I had a deep dish peanut butter cookie with vanilla ice cream.  Perfection.


I also grabbed a take home back of beer nuts, kettle corn, and glazed bacon which I am waiting to indulge in.


Needless to say, brunch was spectacular.  And I honestly couldn’t have had another bite of food the rest of the day after it.  Definitely got my money’s worth! I encourage you to go, but get a reservation first! These places fill up very quickly! I love the freshness of the ingredients and the restaurant itself was welcoming and unique.  Even the bathroom was pretty awesome.

Do you enjoy eating at brunches?



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9 responses to “Farmers Fishers Bakers

  1. Glad that you made it home- have a Happy Thanksgiving! My husband and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon for the 9 (ish) hour drive to my parent’s house on the Oregon Coast. I am so excited to go home. 🙂

  2. Wow! That brunch sounds amazing. We’re early birds, so we usually just do breakfast and lunch, although breakfast will be a lot more leisurely and laid back. I do love cinnamon rolls!

  3. I am such a fan of homemade popcorn like that. man it looks good

  4. This place looks insane! I would need to be rolled out of that restaurant.

  5. I am a huge fan of brunch! This place looks awesome!

  6. So glad that you are home! Oh my goodness the food looks amazing! 🙂

  7. what a great brunch! enjoy your time at home!

  8. what a great place! I wonder if there is a place around st louis like this. (and it all looks delicious!)

  9. omg yum! ive never really been to a brunch but I know I would love it. Breakfast food is my favorite food of all! 🙂

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