How I Spent My Tuesday

Let me just say one thing: I am moving on up in the world.

Yesterday, I got a new computer! Ahhhh! So exciting, right? After Best Buy screwing me over a few weeks ago, I finally got the Lenovo Yoga, which has a touch screen and it turns into a tablet.  It’s incredible Smile Once I figure out more of the features, be on the lookout for a post allll about it.


As for yesterday, I got up, went to the dentist, and then headed to Eat’n Park with my best friends, Missy and Emma!


I got a BBQ chicken salad that had sweet potato waffle fries on it.  It was spectacular. 

Afterward, I headed home to clean up the house a bit because my cousins and family are coming over today to make ravioli that will be frozen until Christmas!  I got the ricotta ready to make the filling!


After that, I made some blonde crisp, which is a family and personal favorite.


6 cups Crispix, 1 cup Cap’n crunch, 2 cups mini pretzels, one can mixed nuts, 1 cup dry roasted peanuts – all covered in melted white chocolate. Yum.


From there, I did some laundry before making dinner!


I know the pictures may not be the prettiest, but here’s a little Crescent Roll-up I made! Half a package of Crescent roll on the bottom, 2ish cups of shredded chicken mixed with a half cup BBQ sauce and topped with a cup of cheese.  Cover with the rest of the Crescent rolls, and bake at 375 for 18-22 minutes.

photo (1)

We had it with some veggies and applesauce.   So simple and tasty, too!

The rest of the evening was spent playing with the computer and watching my favorite Tuesday night shows Smile

Be on the look out for a recap of my family fun! Not too sure how much time I’ll have this week, but it will come to you eventually!

If I’m not back for a few days….




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11 responses to “How I Spent My Tuesday

  1. Yay for new new computers! I really want one of those new windows tablets. It is on my Christmas “wish list”, but I doubt I will get one…

  2. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Yay for being back in Western PA! My mom’s side of the family does homemade ravioli for Christmas dinner, too! Obviously, it’s the Italian side of my family…haha. That snack mix looks sooooo good. Have a great turkey day!

  3. Enjoy your new computer! I just ordered one from Best Buy Monday. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Mhm, that blonde crisp looks so good! I’ve eaten something similar, but we always called it Puppy Chow 🙂

  5. seriously we used to call homemade chex, made whatever way, crack. it is so addicting and so delicious

  6. That all looks so good and enjoy your Thanksgiving friend. See you on the up side. Glad you got a new laptop though I’m somewhat jealous.

  7. Wowza so much fun stuff happened in such a short time! That blonde mix stuff looks so good! YAY for the new computer!

  8. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome day pretty lady! Enjoy your Thanksgiving ❤

  9. I love homemade chex mix..:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I can’t wait to hear about the computer! i am in desperate need of a new computer

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