Cleaning Out the Freezer

Because my lease is over in less than a month, I’ve decided to start eating more foods from the freezer and clear that sucker out.  I will admit, there’s not that much in it to begin with, but traveling with frozen foods doesn’t really sound that enjoyable to me!

For dinners this week, I’ve been defrosting some frozen veggies and also leftover lentil patty that I had frozen.  Crumble the “meat” and top the veggies with apple sauce and cinnamon (I know, I’m strange…one of my fave combos since forever) and call it dinner.


There’s also been a lot of defrosted egg muffins, but when I don’t feel like defrosting, I can always go to Biscotti Café in Shippensburg with Hollie.  It’s pretty much “our spot”, and this week, it was even greater because it happen after we had a sleepover.  Hehe.  For some reason, we didn’t snap any photos together, but we did sleep on a queen size air mattress on my floor.  Oh, and we watched Catfish, which if you’ve seen it, it’s pretty crazy. 

And we obviously indulged in coffee and biscotti cookies.  And omelets.  And we both said no hashbrowns, but were served them anyway? Whatevs.  They wasted food!  I got cheddar and spinach and it totally hit the spot, as per usual. 



Speaking of coffee, gingerbread K-cups are my dream come true.  And thanks to Trav’s mom, I scored some out shopping over the weekend! They are totally delicious, especially with a little vanilla creamer.


Plus, my new Christmas travel mug is also pretty awesome.  As much as I hate snow and being cold, I do love Christmas.


This is what I hate though:


That’s my car before school yesterday morning.  Not looking forward to much more snow than that Sad smile  And now that I look at’s hard to see snow on a white car with a white building in the background.

Oh ya, and 16 days until graduation. Thanking my lucky stars on that one – I’ve got a stressful week ahead, but at least I have a blogger meetup to look forward to on Saturday! Anyone in the Harrisburg, PA area – come meet up with us!

Happy Hump Day! I’m off to my first swim practice in almost 2 weeks hahaha.


Do you have any weird combinations that you enjoyed as a kid and kind of never did away with? I typically make this combination weirder at times like Thanksgiving when I then add mashed potatoes into the corn, applesauce, cinnamon mix.  Yes, I’m weird but totally ok with it.



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22 responses to “Cleaning Out the Freezer

  1. I love the seasonal coffee’s that they put out! The eggs look amazing…I always love to add spinach to mine. 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Why have I not had those gingerbread K-cups?!?!?

  3. I’m k-cup obsessed, so I need to try that one soon! I have never seen anyone put applesauce on their vegetables, very unique.

    And yes catfish is crazy but so interesting to watch!!

  4. “top the veggies with apple sauce and cinnamon”
    I have never heard of this, but I can totally see how it’s good! A little salty, a little sweet.

    As a kid, I actually loved rice and applesauce together. I guess applesauce goes with everything??

  5. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I love weird food combos. Sometimes you just like what you like! Envious of your blogger meetup this weekend. I want to do that again. You’re so close to being done with school…!

  6. They have a holiday k-cup variety pack with Eggnog, Gingerbread, and French Toast(??) flavored coffee. I haven’t tried any yet but now you have intrigued me. I’ll have to look for the Gingerbread in the store soon!

  7. Love weird food combinations. It’s so funny, My husband always swears that I eat the strangest things, although he won’t try them.. so really, what does he know? Ha Ha

    Boo, i’m from the harrisburg area.. but as we all know, Im oceans away @ this moment. Come March though, I’ll be there 🙂

  8. hmmm weird combos…does ketchup on my biscuits and gravy count? 🙂

  9. Seasonal coffee is the best! I’m pretty sure I put ketchup on almost everything as a child and truth be told there are still several foods that taste much better with a little ketchup.

  10. Coffee + biscotti is one of those perfect combinations. I got a few from Whole Foods over the weekend and am definitely going to get more for this upcoming weekend as well 🙂

  11. that k cup sounds good, i have never had gingerbread coffee

  12. I think our waitress had made herself some mimosas before we came. LOL. Anyways, love me the Biscotti cafe. I’d live at your house just to eat there everyday…Anyways, you reminded me I need to clean out my freezer but I honestly feel like I’ll end up dumping the five foods in there anyways…

  13. That gingerbread cup looks so festive and delcious! Good morning pick me up. Can’t believe you already have snow!!

  14. two thumbs up for gingerbread k-cups!! love them. Feel free to send some of that snow my way! We just have annoying cold so far. Enjoy the blogger meet-up!

  15. I’ve only seen one episode of Catfish but it was CRAZY and totally sucked me in!

  16. When I was younger, my favorite combo was peanut butter and carrots. I also loved eating just the top off of baked breads. Not too weird, but my friends never understood the pb and carrot thing. And my mom always got mad because I ruined her bread… and my dad got mad because that was his favorite part too!

    One thing that I always wanted to like was movie theater popcorn and chocolate. I read this book once where this girl’s date taught her how to eat popcorn the “right” way… Melted chocolate candy on top of the buttery popcorn. I thought that was so cool. Unfortunately it never really melted or tasted that good to me. Haha.

  17. You’re SO close to graduation! How exciting :). I’m still so excited for your ironman tri!!! You’re going to rock it.

    Also, I really want to try that veggie + applesauce combo. Sounds good!

  18. I love snow unless I’m driving. And then I hate it.

    I like strange things, but my boss thinks the strangest thing I eat is cottage cheese and pickles. Oh, and oatmeal and egg whites. I eat both daily. OH and movie popcorn and raisinets. Delicious and melty!

  19. I need to get my hands on gingerbread k cups!! That sounds so good!! And one day I will go to that biscotti cafe. It sounds so good.

  20. Gingerbread coffee sounds awesome! I remember when I was in college and had to clear out the kitchen before moving. Definitely ate some different and combos for some of my meals. 🙂

  21. Your travel mug is so amazingly cute! Love it!

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