Christmas Wishlist

Before getting into my wishes, I just wanted to say how excited I was last night to receive an email that my class was cancelled.  That definitely relieved some stress I have over the amount of things that I need to finish by Tuesday of next week.  Plus, I got to watch Glee! It’s the time of the year! Time to make my list to send to the North Pole!

My list to Santa really can’t be too long this year considering the amount of money that he donated to my parents for them to buy my computer.  There are a few things that I am still itching for, though.  And most of them are really not that exciting, and some I already ordered myself haha.

1. Wetsuit/tri suit – which I already ordered Winking smile, though I may still want to wetsuit, not sure yet!


Looks like I’ll be all pretty at my half ironman Smile

2. Aero bars

3. Fancy watch since I’m entering the professional world and wear this every second of every day:


4. Glee seasons I don’t already have

5. Money for my trip to Florida (even though it is before Christmas)

6. A holder/drawer to store Kcups



Seriously, if you’re left-handed you’ll understand.  The world just is not designed for lefties like me! Ever tried using a crank cheese grater? What about sharpening your pencil with the hand twist kind?

I came across this article that has the 18 worst things for left-handed people.  And I can agree to every single one of them.  Life is rough for us!

I think that’s all I am asking Santa for.  Not too much, right? Some of the things are rather pricey, though! There is something else I am asking for that would make me super happy and proud of myself, but it’s on the DL for now.  Only time will tell!

Here’s the song I’ve been listening to on repeat:

What’s on your Christmas wish list?



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21 responses to “Christmas Wishlist

  1. Great Christmas list! I would love to get a a Garmin watch this year, but know that it’s too expensive!
    Yay on canceled classes! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know you were a lefty!! Yesterday I had lunch with a left handed friend and we were joking about it… so I ate my entire lunch with my left hand 😉

  3. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I asked Santa for a crockpot. So lame, but I really want one…
    When did I become 80 years old??

  4. All great things to ask for. I love my watch that my husband purchased for me at Nordstrom rack last year. They always have a great selection and good deals.

  5. Holy. Cow. That lefty hand thingy – I NEED one! Wouldn’t that make it easier to write? I always end up with pencil/pen/marker all over my hand and it’s awful. I know other blogger who has done tri’s before and she used a tri-suit and LOVED it. I think you made a good choice.

    I don’t have a Christmas list yet – haven’t had time to think of a thing I want!

  6. that left handed thing is hilarious I am really not asking for much for xmas, there is nothing I really need…

  7. I don’t really understand the left handed glove???

  8. LOL, I had no idea you were left handed…not that it’s a big deal. Glad your class was cancelled, I know you need some down time girl!

  9. Oops. lol Meant to say: This is one of the best,most original Christmas lists I’ve ever seen! I love it. That left handed thing is confusing to me because I’m right handed. I’m intrigued.

  10. It was on my blog today! We’re channelling the same thoughts! Love your list!

  11. The world is definitely not made for left handed people. My brother-in-law is left handed and so is my mother-in-law and I know things can be frustrating for them sometimes. Sorry you have to put up with stuff like that!

  12. Haha that hand glove pinky things looks awesome! I mentally pictured you using a cheese grater and sort of cringed. GAH.

  13. I have a confession: I listened to that Christmas video at least 20x. Yup, I was quite addicted 🙂

  14. Throughout the year there are always things I can think of that I want. But when it comes closer to Christmas, I have no clue. This year, I told my parents to surprise me! 🙂

  15. I’m not left handed but I would imagine that would come in quite handy! That’s a really pretty color for your tri suit. It seems like every one I’ve seen is black.

    Hmmm…I’m willing to bet that an engagement ring could be under your Christmas. Just saying!

  16. I didn’t catch on Saturday at the meet up that you were a left too 🙂 I understand your frustrations but have never seen that handy device! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend and that we will see each other again at another meet up!

  17. Most of my christmas list is running gear: capris, Athleta jacket, etc. 🙂

  18. Your list isn’t that long at all 🙂 I asked for some running clothes, compression gear, running books and Mike and I asked for a bike trainer. We just bought our gift to each other and it was a Keurig, I’m excited!

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