Sooo I went through my recent photos and realized there are a few things I haven’t really showed you lately that I’ve had to eat!

Going to stay light on the words and just show you!





Delicious coated nuts from Laura


Amazing Nuts about Granola from Lauren


Amazing cupcake from Erica (all of these goodies courtesy of the PA Bloggers meetup)


Crazy good southwestern chicken salad from WALMART! I was in a bind, and was really impressed!


Free samples at Starbucks…yes.

Here’s the deal…this has been a crazy week, which some of you are aware of, but I am going to wait to fill you in on details until I have more information.  Keep me in your thoughts, though, and send positive, smart vibes my way Winking smile.  Thankful for Skype and these two though:



Then we FaceTimed while skyping to show what our computers looked like like complete nerds hahaha. 

I get to see my crazy cat and Travis today! YAYYY! Spending until Sunday with him Smile YAY!

Happy Wednesday!


Anything yummy in your life lately??



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23 responses to “WIAW

  1. LOL, that happens to me too. All of a sudden I have like 5000 photos that I never posted on my blog and therefore meaning a photodump! I can’t wait to hear the details!

  2. I love Panera Bread! It is always a treat when I go there! I loved those nuts! I pretty much downed them when I opened the package! (: Glad you get to see you man on Sunday! Have a great time!

  3. Rachel B

    So jealous of free samples at Starbucks!! I could seriously go for a vanilla latte right now :p Isn’t skype a life saver?

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Sending good thoughts your way! Also…carrot cake granola!? Ahhhh. Must find now.

  5. I love anything from Panera- wish we had one in Spokane. The closest is Portland or Seattle. :/
    That cupcake looks amazing too!!! I love cupcakes…a lot.

  6. organicallymo

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts! I love your snowman mug!

  7. Good Luck to you!!!! Everything looks deliciously healthy!

  8. Sending positive vibes your way!!

  9. Cupcakes, Panera, and Starbucks… sounds pretty fantastic to me!! Good luck this week!!!

  10. AntosDoesLife

    I hope everything is ok! Sending some positive vibes your way. I remember the days of skype dates! Things get better!

  11. Lots of positive vibes! Give kitty some cuddles this weekend!

  12. Love the mug!! Makes tea so much better when it’s in a holiday cup. Also, that granola seems all kind of good

  13. I’m sorry your week is crazy… I hope everything works out for you!

    That granola.. I loooove carrot cake. YUM.

  14. The Starbucks sample is SO cute!! That cupcake looks amazing 🙂

  15. that is how Mr flowers and I talk too! skype is the only way to go! Can you imagine if we lived back in the day (before the internet/computers) were they just sent letters to each other? haha

  16. Lots of yummy eats, especially the cupcakes! I have that same mug! ❤ Frosty! 🙂

  17. Sending all of the positivity I have your way!

  18. YUMM PAnera!! There is one being built in my town right now and I can’t wait for them to open. My wallet probably won’t like that though. HA! THank god for skype and face time for reall! I need that cupcake.

  19. Carrot Cake granola?? Please tell me it tastes as amazing as it sounds??

  20. Carrot cake granola is amazinggg! Love the nature path love crunch one – so yummy! Love your snowman mug too 🙂 so cuteee.

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