Saturday Sillies

As things get closer to the end of my graduate career, my life is becoming a little more stressful.  Gotta find some silly things to get through it all!  Figured I’d share it with you! P.S. Don’t judge me for the amount of time I spend looking at youtube and other time consuming sites.

First off, anyone that is into musicals/Glee should know who Jonathan Groff is.  He was PHENOMENAL in Spring Awakening and as Jesse St. James in Glee.  But this is too funny not to post:


He is so incredibly talented/hysterical.

Here are some things that always make me laugh: site searches.  Here are some of my favorite ones as of late:

  • “Creepshot” – I AM a creep.  It’s fine.
  • “Xenon movie” – best ever
  • “Competitive swimming pick up lines” – I’ll show you my breast if you show me your fly? – hmmmm.
  • “Jeremy Jordan muscles” – can’t wait to see those muscles on season 2 of  SMASH.  He’s perfect.
  • “Swag notes happy” – oh ya? I want a swag note!
  • “what happened to boy band bb mak” – ummm remember when I met them?
  • “what is a staid recesses?” – I don’t know, what is it?

Random photos from the Chive and the Berry:

Love this:

And for you GIRLS fans out there:

On another note: I had purchased tickets to this show for my entire family + Trav for Christmas.  Guess I’m SOL – any new ideas?!


Anyone else want to admit to sitting on any particular sites for hours at a time? I watch youtube for far too long daily!



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7 responses to “Saturday Sillies

  1. haha these all just made me laugh a lot! Love it! I’m not a big youtube person. Like I never go on it. So strange! I love seeing what other people post though haha!

  2. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Love, love, love that College Humor video!

  3. Ok, how creepy is that first picture! The poor dog.. 🙂

  4. i think the dance moves on the Amish video killled me more than anything! lol! I’ve also seen the “We’ll marry your girlfriends” video and loved it! I think I waste time on Pinterest more than any other site!

  5. I seriously need to get into this show girls. this whole post was what I needed to start my saturday. oh and CONGRATTTTSSSSSSS again.

  6. Aw, I saw an ad for Catch Me if You Can and thought it looked like such a fun show! I’m really sorry to hear that it was cancelled. Maybe the Nutcracker instead? Not as awesome, but still fun?

    ps – CONGRATS, GIRL! You know what for 😉

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