Another Reason to Swim

So that you don’t think this blog is turning into a wedding blog, I had to share this article with you! Not only is swimming awesome because you get a good workout and there may be some cute boys in swimsuits, but researchers have found that swimmers may be smarter than the average human being!

“There’s a strong synergy between language and action with swimming that’s essential for many cognitive and motor skills, she adds. Kids learn at an early age to hear language and make connections with their bodies (for example, counting to 10 while kicking).”

Team Michael forever!

Not convinced that being smart is enough of a reason to swim? Here are a few more:

– Low-impact sport

– Strengthens joints and improves posture

– Improves breathing

– Improves cardiopulmonary capacity

– Anyone can do it!

And for anyone interested, here’s the workout I had yesterday at practice!

900 warm up
4 x 300 on 4:00
10 x 50 flutter kick on back with fins :45
50 easy recovery
4 x 100 breast pull 2:15
4 x 100 IM 2:15
200 cool down

Total: 3650 yards

Shout out to my friend Carly for showing me the article about swimming and brainpower Smile! Maybe that’s why I’m just so smart! haha

Do you ever swim? I think it’s the only sport that keeps pulling me back in!



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9 responses to “Another Reason to Swim

  1. Swim is the best thing ever, duh.

  2. I definitely need to start trying to incorporate swimming into my workouts!

  3. I swam from 4th grade to 9th! I have really bad joints though and swimming was wrecking my shoulders. I loved it and ate a small house made of spaghetti on the daily. And weighed nothing!! I do miss that : )

  4. I LOVE swimming. I finally bought a new one-piece this weekend– my other one was too old to wear so I hadn’t been swimming in a month. Can’t wait to jump back in, I feel so good afterwards

  5. I definitely don’t *love* swimming, but I do try to incorporate it as a low-impact cardio activity.

  6. Wedding blog!!! YESSS.

    Anyways this post makes me almost want to get into the pool…wait…haven’t I been saying that for a while LOL?

  7. He’s sexy.
    I love swimming! But it isn’t incorporated into my work-outs because I don’t have a pool or a gym membership lol

  8. Yay for swimming! And being smart 😉 I can’t wait to read the article.. Also, nice workout!

  9. I ❤ Michael Phelps!

    You know, I get my BEST writing ideas when I swim my laps. No other activities do that for me.

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