WIAW–Phone Photos

I feel like I’ve already showed you a lot of what I’ve had to eat lately throughout my engagement posts and such.  Today, though, I decided to just show you some of the food that has accumulated on my phone that you haven’t see quite yet!


Air popped popcorn – the best!


Extra giant $1 coffee and yogurt for my drive to Trav!


Mexican dinner date! I had chicken enchiladas!



Followed by a mini blizzard Winking smile


Starbucks coffee date! I love having someone around to do stuff with!


Getting stuff done with oatmeal and coffee! I guess I drank a lot of coffee this past week…


Celebratory engagement meal with my mom an sister.  Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheese and enough fries to feed a nation (or just me because I ate them all…oops!)



Hot chocolate thanks to my friend Chelsea Winking smile 

I think that’s about it! I have totally been trying to enjoy this time and not worry so much about what I am eating.  I have been focused more on HOW MUCH I have been eating.  It’s a special time for me! Better start the wedding diet soon though Winking smile.

What’s the best thing you’ve had to eat lately? I don’t think I could pick one thing!



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25 responses to “WIAW–Phone Photos

  1. How was the Starbucks hot chocolate? I’ve been eyeing it up at Target!

  2. That Mexican food looks epic! I am totally craving it now!

  3. can you believe that I have never made air popped popcorn before! I feel like i’m living in the dark ages! I loveeee dairy queen and I haven’t been there in forever! My favorite is the banana cream pie!

  4. You had me at all of the Starbucks in this post!! 🙂 I think that if I could go to SB I would pick up a complete stranger! I love that blue cup by the way!

  5. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Hmmm I am intrigued by that Starbucks Hot Cocoa…may have to try it! Also, ever since I got my foodie penpal package I have been loving popping my own popcorn! WHY did it take me so long to try that out!?

  6. Ah, chips & salsa.. boy those look good right about now =)

  7. I bought one of those air poppers over the weekend. Best purchase of the year. Without a doubt! I love that it is fast and uses no oil. Perfect evening snack (now if I could just control myself!)

  8. I’ve been popping some popcorn lately too and it’s delicious. A perfect treat anytime!

  9. Mhm! Where is that Mexican food from? That looks so good!

  10. i need to start getting some warm beverages over here! i can’t wait to buy a popcorn maker, can’t wait.

  11. Yes, how is that hot chocolate? I’ve always wanted to try it. The best thing I’ve had to eat lately is the salad that is in today’s post. Just changing up a few ingredients can make a huge difference.

  12. mmm your hot chocolate looks delicious 🙂 perfect for a cold winter’s night.

  13. We had a Mexican lunch date this last week! So yummy! 🙂

  14. Holy enchiladas Batman!! Those look amazing! As does everything else in this post 🙂 I could totally go for a hot chocolate right about now!

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