PMB–Making Progress

This week’s installation of PMB is brought to you after skipping last week…oops! Thanks Hollie for allowing us to share our triumphs each week Smile

Alright first off is physical.  I am going to brag about the fact that I ran a mile Tuesday for the first time since I sprained my ankle on October 11. It wasn’t pretty, and it was barely under a 10 minute pace.  My feet still hurt, but not as bad.  But it was still a mile.  Hopefully I am able to run 13.1 on 5/5/13!!!  Not matter what happens, it’s still progress.

And then there’s the mental part of PMB.  I’d like to say in this part that I’ve mentally become tougher this semester.  I was balancing a lot on top of applying for jobs and joining the local swim team.  I feel more confident in myself than I have a lot lately, and that’s a good thing, especially with a lot of potential great things in the near future.  I used to be so negative all of the time, but I am really trying to find that positivity.  Making progress!

And my brag of the week: I am so happy with life right now.  My family is so amazing, I have the most supportive fiancé, and things just feel like they are coming together for the first time in a long time.  Plus, I will be on the beach in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday! Woot woot!!!! Winking smile

Cannot wait to recreate this picture with my bestie, Melissa!!

What is something brag-worthy in your life??



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21 responses to “PMB–Making Progress

  1. I love your dress in that picture! I am jealous that you will be on the beach on Tuesday. Have a drink for me!

  2. Yay for being confident and loving life!! I how you can run the half too!!

  3. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Ah you’re going to Florida!? So cool. I could use some of that warmth right now…

  4. Aww life sounds a lot less hectic and crazy for you now then it did a few weeks ago – awesome. I’m very happy for you!! The only brag-worthy thing I can think of now is that all of my Christmas shopping is done. I still have to wait for it all to arrive but that’s OK!

  5. I’m still so excited for you guys!!! I was a total turd and was like um babe there have been a lot of engagements lately, where is my rock. He just looked and me with a blank stare and goes “I’m saving up, don’t worry” (we have been together for almost 3 years so no he doesnt think im crazy!) Have so much fun at the beach!!! Can’t wait to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  6. this is a great post, I am so happy for you and it shows from all the tough work you have put in to achieve this

  7. Rachel B

    So glad you’re loving life right now, and being able to mentally tackle all that is definitely brag worthy 🙂 have fun in FL!!

  8. “I was balancing a lot on top of applying for jobs and joining the local swim team.”

    GIRL, you were an rockstar superhero over this past semester. I honestly have no idea how you managed to juggle all of it. Your trip to Florida is well-deserved!

  9. I got a job!! And finished 4 morning workouts this week!

  10. ooo beach!!! take me with you 🙂 PS are you running Pittsburgh Half?

  11. Such a cool idea, i LOVE focusing on PMB aspects of ones life. 🙂 Way to go on running a mile, that is GREAT girl, keep up the awesome work & you’ll be kicking that half marathon’s bootay!

  12. Oh you didn’t know? For having a life and not bloging you get kicked out of the circle! Just kiddingg! I’m so happy for you guys!

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