Makes me think of this song:

And these pictures:

High school…

…and college!

Today’s a big day! Entering the real world after 5.5 straight years of schooling.  Having this masters degree in special education in addition to the degree I already have in elementary education opens up a whole new world of opportunities and I can’t wait until I finally get to use my knowledge in a field I love!

I continue to ask for thoughts and prayers as I go to speak tonight at graduation as well as continue on my journey into the real world! Thanks!

For those of you who are there, please tell me about the real world! Winking smile



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24 responses to “GRADUATION DAY!

  1. Congratsss! A lot of amazing things happening to you lately! (:

  2. Congratulations! This is a huge day in your amazing life and you are going to make it amazing!

  3. Congratulations!!!! The real world is a funny place, don’t work for the government or you will find yourself blogging all day 🙂

  4. Congrats!!!! that’s so exciting!

  5. You’re speaking at graduation?! WOW! Good luck! I will be praying for you. Congrats on graduating, too! What an accomplishment–well earned.. you’re one of the hardest workers I know!

  6. Congrats Nikki! So proud!! You will do great on your speech! 🙂

  7. Congratulations! You are going to do great with your speech. Enjoy this special day!

  8. You’re going to do so well with your speech!

    The real world means you can get as many cats as you want! 😛

  9. Congrats, Nikki! I’m sure you’ll do great!

  10. Congrats!!!
    I had started my masters and had to put a hold cause it was so much work while having a job. So a big kudos to you!!! I admire you!!!

  11. awww I am so happy for you. congrats yet again

  12. Congrats girl! Such a great achievement. I found the transition from grad school to the real world difficult, just because i had so much new free time. Then i started running marathons and it was fine 😉

  13. Congrats! I have a great day- YOU DESERVE IT!

  14. This is so very exciting!! Congratulations to you!! You are going to be amazing in your field!

  15. Congrats! You are going to rock your graduation speech! What a super fun day!

  16. Rachel B

    Congrats and good luck 🙂 So happy for you!! I’m graduating from undergrad tomorrow, starting the whole grad school process!! Let me know how the real world goes haha

  17. Congratulations! since this is such a big day I`ll throw in a “Felicitaciones por tu graduación!” because I`m in Spain right now, and a “Gratulerer med uteksamineringen” because that`s how you say it in Norwegian!
    Hurray for you! Good luck entering the real world! I still got 1 1/2 years left in Uni-world!

  18. Ahh I am so dang proud of you Nikki, congratulations!!

  19. Congratulations, Nikki! So proud of you ❤ Enjoy the weekend. You deserve all the happiness that comes w/ it!

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