Life Catch-up

I know it’s only been a few days, but I have a lot to catch you up on! First off, I really want to thank you all for the kind words and congrats on my post about graduation! Next, in an effort to clean the fridge, freezer, and cabinets of my things, I made some soup!


It consisted of a 16 oz. carton of vegetable broth, the remaining chicken I had shredded, a cup of salsa, and a can of black beans.  Pretty tasty in my opinion!

I was eating it for pretty much all meals until my family showed up before graduation.  But they didn’t show up before I snuck in a home workout in my awesome get up Winking smile


And then graduation happened, but I currently don’t have any photos from the night! My dad has them, and once I get them, I will be sure to share with you all! My speech went well, so I guess I was stressing for nothing! Smile And I’m officially done with my masters program!

Yesterday, I had my first present exchange of the season.   It just so happened to be with these two Santas Smile


The little guy couldn’t wait to dig into this gift: a camo vest and helmet that he completed with all of the camo he could find in his room.  Here he is trying to look like a scary hunter!


For my little best friend, I had a few presents.  There was this Cranium game, and a necklace, but something else that was pretty special for Travis and I to give to her:



She said YES! Smiles all around for us and our junior bridesmaid to be Smile! It didn’t hurt that the cake was mighty delicious!


Lastly, I came home yesterday to my first Bulu Box! Pretty awesome things in there for energy and health that I can’t wait to try! It was awesome for Bulu Box to allow Sweat Pink ambassadors to sample their products.  If you’d like to get your first box for free, check out their website and use FIT411 at checkout!

Stay tuned for more fun things this week including my graduation recap Smile

Oh, and definitely look forward to more wedding fun in the future!



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15 responses to “Life Catch-up

  1. AWE that is such a cute way to ask her. I’m glad graduation went well and you are done! Now for real life?

  2. um that cake is adorable, i love that idea. who can resist a cake like that?

  3. Angela @ Health's Angel

    A junior bridesmaid! That is adorable…and what a cute way to ask her!

  4. The cake is such a sweet way to ask her to be in your wedding. Besides graduation it looks like you’ve had quite a weekend so far.

  5. That cake is awesome!! Who can say no to cake!? I love your workout pants..I need them hah!

  6. pickyrunner

    LOVE the pants! You definitely win best bride award in my book 🙂

  7. Love those workout pants! They’d make me want to move too!

    Glad you had an amazing weekend!

  8. I love that cake! What an adorable way to ask her to be in your wedding!!

  9. Awe! What a sweet and adorable way to ask your junior bridesmaid =)

  10. love those workout pants and what a cute way to ask her to be your junior bridesmaid! (:

  11. Congrats again on graduation- I can’t wait to see the pictures. Isn’t it the best feeling to be done?

  12. Cute Santa face paint! And girl, I’m so glad your speech went well! Love the way you asked your little friend to be in your wedding! Cute!

  13. That is so cute! I bet she’s really excited 🙂

  14. that was a really cute way to ask her! yea for wedding stuff!

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