Gratitude and Gingerbread

I had a pretty great and relaxing Christmas yesterday.  My immediate family woke up, opened presents, and headed to brunch at my uncle’s before just chilling out together at home the rest of the day.


My mom made my stocking for me when I was little.  Isn’t it awesome?!


Santa was good to me.  Between my mom, dad, and sister, I think I got everything I wanted and more.

I got


Aero bars to get serious about triathlons!


An ADORABLE Coach wristlet!


A drawer for my Kcups!


My yearly ornament – Penguin and Tuxedo.  This year was the 12th in the series, and I have them all!


An amazing Pittsburgh decoration from my cousins! Love it!

And then, things got GINGERBREADY!  Which is totally alright in my book! Winking smile


A gingerbread Pandora charm! And two heart charms beside it.


Gingerbread mix! YUM!


Even Geno will be a gingerbread head when he gets this gift!


And then, of course, this guy.  My godmother makes the most amazing gingerbread men (and women!) in the world.

I am so thankful for everything and everyone in my life.  Christmas is so special, and I can’t wait to spend it with Travis and his family, too!

How was your holiday?

P.S. My college roommate and teammate just started blogging! Yay! Anna is an AWESOME athlete, teacher, writer, etc., and you should definitely check her out! Smile

Have a wonderful day!



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16 responses to “Gratitude and Gingerbread

  1. Glad to see you got everything you wanted! My holiday was great, too. I got lots of clothes, which I can never get enough of!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, friend! I’m glad you had a good Christmas!

  3. Yay for aero bars!!! You’re serious alright:) glad you had a great Chrustmas!

  4. pickyrunner

    My grandmother made my stocking too! I love all the gingerbread things- how fun 🙂 You got some pretty cool stuff!

  5. I’m glad to hear you had such a nice Christmas with your loved ones! I am totally jealous of your aero bars!!! Holy cow!! Also, your stocking is so cute… that’s awesome of your mom that she was able to make it!

  6. Oh man what a great holiday season for you! So glad you were able to enjoy it with family.

  7. Angela @ Health's Angel

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas! Your stocking is adorable. My grandma used to make a bunch of ceramic ornaments and decorations and I love having them to this day!

  8. That gingerbread catnip man is sooo cool!! Love the gifts and the treats!! Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  9. That K Cup organizer is GENIUS!! I need one of those!

  10. that stocking is beautiful! and i love gingerbread 🙂

  11. I love that you still have the same ornament, traditions like that are so special.
    I had a great time spending Christmas with my family. Very laid back!

  12. Merry Christmas! It sounds like a wonderful one!
    Love your coach wristlet! That is darling! 🙂

  13. Aww, I’m so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas, friend! 🙂

  14. It looks like you had an awesome Christmas too Nikki! I love your stocking. My mom also made mine as well as one for my husband when we got married. They are special decorations to put every year. 🙂

  15. that stocking is adorable! very cute! It looks like you got some awesome stuff for Christmas!

  16. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! My fiance’s mom received that exact same gingerbread man Pandora charm for Christmas this year. It’s the perfect Christmas charm.

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