Five Things Friday!

It’s been a crazy week and I think I left a lot of things out!

1. We got a lot of snow in Pittsburgh area! And my workout on Wednesday consisted of shoveling for about an hour!


Busted out the parka from college swimming in order to stay warm while shoveling!


2. Travis and I started our wedding page! We have a date set and a church, too! Craziness!

3. The wonderful people at Sambazon sent me vouchers to try their products along with a gorgeous hand crafted bowl and spoon to go with it.  I am looking forward to bracing the snow to head out and use my vouchers to try their smoothies.  Their smoothies are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Ecocert Fair Trade, vegan and gluten free, and make a healthy, delicious snack or light meal replacement to grab on-the-go.  Sounds good to me!


4. Some of you may know how determined I am to raise funds and volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  One of my friends has CF, which makes the fundraising mean even more.  Turns out, these amazing people raised approximately $90,000 to find a cure for CF.  They created an extreme hiking event which I totally want to take part in now.  Here’s a quote from Bill Brodnitzki, Jr., co-founder of the event:

“When you compare the daily trials of a person with CF to a grueling hike, the hike is very minimal. It is one day versus a lifetime. In that moment, with soggy socks and sore feet, I was reminded of the importance of Xtreme Hike and everything we do to raise money for Ellie and all those with CF.”

That quote just hits home to me.  So I have trouble breathing during swim practice, right? I can’t imagine it being like that all of the time.  That’s why I am once again raising money for the CFF in order to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May.  I am about $140 away from my minimum requirement, and if you’re feeling in the holiday giving spirit, I’d really appreciate some help! Smile

If you have a few spare dollars to donate, please head over to my fundraising page! I appreciate the help SO MUCH you have no idea.

5. I watched so many movies this week so far – some that I’ve already seen, others I hadn’t.  I watched Pitch Perfect, Joyful Noise, J.Edgar, Bad (an MJ special), What’s Your Number?, and The Vow.  I had never seen Joyful Noise before, but it totally was better than I expected.  And it made me EVEN more excited for February 5 when Smash Season 2 begins. Just look at Jeremy Jordan being a total cutie singing in the church choir.  But seriously, watch this video from like 2:00 on.  He sings “Ya” by Usher and turns it into a church song.  Hysterical haha.

Have a great day! I get to spend it with my favorite people.  So great Smile



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33 responses to “Five Things Friday!

  1. Shoveling is always a great workout! I’m jealous of all the movie catch-up!

  2. I got the Sambazon coupons, too, but I’m having trouble finding the product! 😦 I really want to try it!

    Yay for setting a wedding date!

  3. yay we are both getting married in 2014! (:

  4. OMG I loved what’s your number! I thought it was so funny! My BFF and I watched it and laughed the entire time! I’m glad you already have a date and place for the wedding 🙂

  5. Angela @ Health's Angel

    This snow is driving me nuts! I swear I broke a sweat just trying to clean my car off on Wednesday night.
    Exciting that you are starting to get wedding planning under way!

  6. I hate shoveling snow- thank goodness for snow blowers! You are moving right along with wedding preparations. How fun 🙂

  7. wedding page! ahhh!!!

    I LOVE PITCH PERFECT. saw it three times in theaters but i still have yet to buy it 😦

  8. I love that parka photo hahaha!! I NEED that Sambazon bowl!

  9. you guys really got some snow! we got nothing in MA which is so rare.

  10. That’s awesome that you guys have set a date! 🙂

  11. We got a lot of snow too! Love the parka, it reminds me of high school swimming since that’s what we had 🙂

    Congratulations on a date and getting a church, very exciting!

  12. Of course I had to click the link to your wedding page. Love it! You two are so perfect for one another Nikki ❤

  13. I do not miss that snow. Yuck.
    I hope you enjoy it and that it does not craet too many problems.

  14. shoveling is such a good workout! I loved the wedding page. It’s the day before my birthday!!. June is such a great month to get married in! Enjoy the new year!

  15. we got a TON of snow here in CT too. Made for a lovely white Christmas 🙂

  16. I wanted snow sooo bad but we got just a few sprinkles the other day and that’s it. 😦 booo!
    YAY for the wedding page! 😀 How awesome!!! ❤ ❤

  17. Aw – your wedding page is so sweet 🙂 I love all of the little things that come along with the engagement season. Enjoy it! I wish I would’ve blogged more throughout my experience or at least journaled for my self. That’s my tip! 😀

  18. Your wedding page is so wonderful! I especially love the old photos of you guys!!

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