My Christmas Gift

Can you believe today is already New Year’s Eve? Wow! Time flies!

How were your weekends? I took my family out for their Christmas present.  Originally I had purchased tickets to see a musical, but the musical was cancelled! So I decided we would go to the Melting Pot in Pittsburgh instead That was after Travis got his Christmas presents from my family:


I think we are ALL ready for hockey to come back.  Like, seriously! Come on now, NHL!

I got an adorable elephant ring holder on top of some other things.  I love it Smile


At the Melting Pot, my sister bought us a celebratory bottle of champagne for our engagement! She’s too sweet!


Then, it was time to eat! If you’ve never been to the Melting Pot, it is a 4 course restaurant in which everything, except salad, is fondue! I think my favorite is the apples dipped in cheese that are part of course number one.


Then we had the meats and veggies.  But I am pretty sure I just had a few pieces of chicken in order to save up for dessert.


There are not too many things I find more enjoyable than strawberries dipped in chocolate.  I could live on fondue for every meal, I think.


After we stuffed our bellies, we walked around Station Square (an adorable little mall in which the Melting Pot in located).  There was a HUGE gingerbread display there that was pretty extraordinary.  I wanted to dig in!



Before leaving Pittsburgh, we also headed to the new casino in the city.  I started with 20 dollars and left with 64.10! Didn’t want to really press my luck any further for fear of losing it all.  But I did earn 40 bucks! Yippee!

I’d say it was a pretty great day Smile

Have you ever been to the Melting Pot? Love it/hate it?



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14 responses to “My Christmas Gift

  1. AWE that looks like so much fun. The Melting Pot is seriously my favorite restaurant ever and if it wasn’t so damn expensive I’d be there everyday. Well no, but a lot more than I am. I think the expense is part of the charm though I guess.

  2. That is a great Christmas gift for your family. I love the melting pot, especially the dessert. So good!

  3. How fun!! Never been there but it looks delicious! Happy New Year!

  4. Ah I have been dying to try the Melting Pot for YEARS!

  5. I have always wanted to try the melting pot, looks like a blast. have a great NYE!

  6. Love that ring holder!! So cute!!
    I love the Melting Pot! I used to have one right by my house but it closed. 😦

  7. Yippie for winning money!! I have never been to the melting pot, my bf has and he told me not enough food is normally served and that it’s pricey. He knows I love to eat so I’ll take his word, leaving a restaurant not stuffed and with a big hole in my pocket is not for me. I could be totally misguided though. I hope you two newly engaged love birds have such a great NYE together, it is still sooooooo exciting you are all fianced up!!!

  8. Love love looveee TMP! I’ve been there twice and loved everything about it. Expensive, but worth the experience!

  9. Girl, I’m with you… Soo ready for hockey begin. Fingers crossed a season does happen. However, I’m a FLYERS fan =)

  10. organicallymo

    Oh, I LOVE fondue restaurants!!! 🙂 SOOOOOO yum!
    I am READY for the NHL to be back. I’m ready to rock my Sharks gear again!

  11. Rachel B

    Strawberries dipped in chocolate is seriously the greatest thing in the world, and I agree NHL needs to hurry up and be back!! I’ve never been to the melting pot but it looks incredible!

  12. That gingerbread display is amazing! Wow! I’ve never been to the Melting Pot, but we actually do homemade fondue with some of our friends every now and then. It’s always a fun night! 🙂

  13. The gingerbread display is absolutely beautiful! Congrats on your winnings at the casino!

  14. I have been wanting to try the Melting Pot for a whlie. I’m glad you guys had a fun time!

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