Happy New Year!

Wahooo! Another year is here to live and love and grow! I hope you all brought in the new year with loved ones and continue to celebrate with them today!

Here are a few of my favorite songs for the new year! This one involved Ryan Kasprzak, who is assistant choreographer for Smash (and whose brother is in Newsies Winking smile…I know, I’m obsessed!).

I know that I posted this one last year, but it’s my all-time favorite! Nothing beats Zoey and JGL.

I rang the in 2013 with my immediate family getting chocolate wasted with this:


Yes, that’s a sundae with chocolate sauce and smashed Reese’s cups..

And we also waited up to see the ball drop!  I was supposed to hang out with some friends but the roads were snowy and I wasn’t sure whether I should be out and about or not. 

It’s been about 10 years since the four of us spent the new year together, so it was actually a nice change of pace!

Hope you are all safe and sound and enjoying your holiday! Welcome, 2013!

How was your night?!



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16 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Mo

    Happy New Year!!! Hope 2013 is the best ever!

  2. Holy chocolate wasted. That looks SO good!! That video of Zoey and JGL is adorable!

  3. Happy New Year Nikki!! I just watched Looper, so that video of JGL made me smile! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  4. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  5. Happy New Year, Niki!!! Mine was great! 🙂 So much fun with friends!

  6. Happy 2013! Your sundae looks delish!

  7. aw sounds like the best night ever. I adore Zoey too, like a whole lot.

  8. Happy new year 🙂 That sundae has my name written all over it.. jealous!

  9. that sundae looks delicious! yummy! happy new year!

  10. Happy New Year! When I saw your photo, and the hashtag on Instagram last night I laughed because we were watching Grown Ups last night too!

  11. That sundae looks amazing. What a PERFECT way to end 2012 and bring in 2013 =)

  12. Sounds like a lovely way to spend your New Years!

    so excited you could spend the night ringing it in with your loved ones…chocolate wasted?!? that sounds way better than champagne!

  14. Aww, Zoey is the best! Happy 2013, friend! 🙂

  15. omg, “chocolate wasted.” I’ve never heard this before but I love it!

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