Country to City

This week is probably one of the biggest ones of my life.  I’m currently in limbo at my parents’ house: I leave today to head to visit my future family and then tomorrow, I am heading to Shippensburg for the last time in the foreseeable future before heading to my new home in Salisbury. 

For those of you unaware, Shippensburg is Farmland, PA.  Crazily enough, it’s been my home for the past 5 years.  I rarely spent time at my parents’ home between swimming and working, so Shippensburg has been more familiar to me recently.

Between running and biking, I think I’ve just about perfected every route to the point that I know the exact roads to take in order to equal whatever mileage I want. The rolling hills and fields make for a pretty (though sometimes smelly, thanks to the cows) workout every time.

Views from a summer ride on the rail trail

It’s hard for me to look ahead to what I will have in Salisbury.  Where the apartment is happens to be right off of the main highway.  Going from training in Ship to training in Salisbury is going to be strange.  I don’t know the paths.  I no longer have a rail trail to get some good off-road training.  My favorite route will be no longer.

Truthfully, I have no idea how to start half marathon training in about a week without these well-known paths.  One good thing is that the weather is a little warmer and rarely gets into freezing temperatures, which will be nicer for outside running.

Another strange thing is the lack of swimming I’ve had recently.  My team in Ship had become so comfortable, and getting up at 5:20 was becoming a habit.  There is a master’s team in Salisbury, but I don’t know how far the team would be from the different schools I could be subbing in…might not be the most convenient! I definitely need to find somewhere to swim in order to train for the half Ironman I have in the fall!

It’s just a hard place to be in.  Moving, learning my way around, and training in a new area are all things I need to figure out and quick!

Any suggestions on how to start training in a new (and highly trafficked) area?

And just a random picture from my time in Pittsburgh:


Red light by the Cathedral!



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21 responses to “Country to City

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to Salisbury but I would definitely look at it like a new adventure! You will find somewhere to run and make yourself at home in no time! (:

  2. Cindy

    I guess it’s time to move on from Shippensburg. 😦
    Once you start exploring Salisbury, I’m sure you will find places you like to run and train. You could always see if they have a YMCA to go swimming. Believe me, you will end up missing the country air–cows and all!! 🙂
    Good luck to you!!

  3. pickyrunner

    I bet you’ll get lots of swimming opportunities in Salisbury. At the very least, you could use the college pool! This has been a huge month of change for you. I live in Towson which is kind of a mini-city and I end up getting stuck at a lot of traffic lights but it isn’t so bad once you get used to different routes that avoid them. Good luck 🙂

  4. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Love the picture in Oakland! I can’t really help you out because I rarely ever exercise outdoors unless it’s in the summer. I’m a complete cold weather wimp. But I can only imagine how big of a change it’ll be for you! I love living in the city but I do occasionally miss nature, which is why local parks are always great.

  5. that was me when I just moved to DC, the best thing to do is connect with a group. they can show you the ropes and then you can go out on your own!

  6. I’m with Alex! Joining a group would definitely help out with knowing the best places to run.

  7. Aww, this sounds like an exciting and tough time! I KNOW you will adjust well because you want to! You have so much to look forward to! I’m jealous that it hardly goes below freezing in MD… lucky! You’ll find your favorite route before you know it 🙂

  8. I definitely prefer “country running” to “city running” You will have no trouble transition though. Just be careful of cars!

  9. Sounds like a fun move – hopefully you’ll find some great new paths. Try to find a local running club! 😀

  10. This is my sad face that you moved…because I’m going back to Chambersburg in a week. Derp. Anyways I know this is going to be an exciting time for you. Md is nice because it’s honestly like a warmer version. It’s bigger then Ship I think but not huge like say a city.

  11. I’m in the same position as you biking wise. if the Delaware beaches aren’t far you could probably bike up and down those roads but that means having to take your car and bike… BUT I would totally meet you down there for some bike rides!! I would also look for a tri team or bike team to join I know they are around some places!

  12. You should see if there are any running or triathlon groups in the area.

  13. Ahh moving to a new place has to be hard!! I have been lucky to find good running spots no matter where I travel to, but this is just travel and I am not permanent. You may have to drive to some of your locations if the path by your house is too busy! You must get that training in though, or you will be hurting come that half marathon!! Running 10+miles on a treadmill would be hell.

  14. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I have no doubt that you will handle the move just fine! Have you checked out I used to use that thing religiously before I got my Garmin!

  15. When I moved to Fort Worth I asked other people where the common running paths were, you could also run around a college campus, or in a nice upscale neighborhood. Since moving from Texas I’ve been in smaller towns, but I’m planning on joining a running club I heard about at the local specialty running store–you could always just go there and chat up the sales people!!

  16. I’m sure you will find some new favorite running routes in no time! My husband and I drive to locations so that we aren’t always running the same route often. I’m sure you can get to some suburbs easily, or there are probably parks you can run in.

    Good luck with the move!

  17. Girl, I know you’ll be just fine in Salisbury. I promise ❤ ❤ Just keep your head up high & go into w/ the right attitude!

  18. Well at least you’ll have new scenery for your training runs! You can do it! 🙂

  19. You’re going to do well in Salisbury, I know it! It can be difficult to start training in a new area. I always go to local running stores (even when on vacation!) to ask about where to run. Runners are always excited to share!

  20. You’re going to do great in Salisbury! New places are always strange and can be a tough transition, but it passes with time. Plus, your runs will be filled with new scenery!

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