Farm Show Blogger Meet-up

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, I had the pleasure to head to the PA Farm Show this weekend, thanks to PennAg.  Though I’ve lived in PA my entire life (until Sunday), I had never attended the Farm Show, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  Let me just say that it was an AWESOME time!  Be prepared for a HUGE amount of pictures.

PennAg Industries gave the PA Bloggers a great opportunity to attend the Farm Show and tour the full barn that they build within the complex.  We were encouraged to bring family, so Travis tagged along! We got there a little early and walked around a bit before the group met up.  There were horses getting their manes groomed!


And there was an extraordinary line for Potato Donuts…which I totally should have tried!


We chatted for a bit…


…and then the amazing Melissa from PennAg talked to us about the night before we headed to the barn!



The National Beef Ambassadors were the first to talk to us, and they were so passionate about the benefits of round, lean beef.


In addition to the beef cow shown above, there was a calf for us to see as well as dairy cows!  The animals were so cute! I know personally I do not eat a ton of beef, but that’s mostly because I don’t enjoy the taste.



The dairy farmer, Raechel, has her own blog, Go Beyond the Barn! Check her out!

Next up: poultry! There were chickens used for eggs, ducks, broiler chickens used for meat, and turkeys!  Did you know that growth hormones were outlawed for birds around 1960? Also, did you know a hen lays an egg approximated every 26 hours?




Another thing I learned: most turkeys had at Thanksgiving (or any other time they’re consumed) are females.  Male turkeys average about 42 pounds! That’s a big bird! The toms (males) are used for things like turkey bacon and sausages.


Piggy time! This women was so passionate about her work, and she is a member of the Pennsylvania Pork Board.  So great to talk to her! The piglets were born on Christmas day and were so adorable.  We talked about the importance of crating pigs.  The sows are aggressive and could attack one another which could hurt any embryos or any piglets. 



We then got to see their equipment and learn about the farming aspect.


And, of course, a group picture ensued.  So many awesome bloggers Smile


Off to eat! We got the VIP treatment! The room we ate in is where they host important people like state legislatures.



Instead of waiting in the lines at the food booths, we got to order off of their menu and they brought it to us!



They even supplied amazing milkshakes!


I ordered chicken corn soup and a pulled pork sandwich.  Travis got a trio of sliders: pork, chicken, and veal.



I can’t thank PennAg enough for the amazing event.  We were treated like royalty and even Travis kept raving about how much he enjoyed it (and the whoopie pies we took home to enjoy after…). I also must thank Lauren for the amazing planning done on her part.  She is going to be missed during her Chicago adventures!

While Lauren is away, Steph is taking over as PA Blogger planner.  Although I’ve moved, they were nice enough to allow me to stay in the group! Steph also is featuring Travis and I on her  “The Bride Says” series! Check out our intro post!

Have you ever been to a Farm Show??



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20 responses to “Farm Show Blogger Meet-up

  1. I even learned stuff with this post! (: I couldn’t hear about the turkeys and pigs too much because I was too busy petting the pig whoops. we were there to learn right?! haha! It was such a great event and so nice to see you again! You definitely need to stick with the group even though you are a Marylander now! (: I’m glad Travis had a great time at the event! You guys will have to come to the farm show next year when events are actually taking place to see the other side of the farm show!

  2. That looks like so much fun, animals in cages make me sad and I like to pretend the meat I eat isn’t from a furbaby. Sigh. Very interesting stuff though, looks like an awesome event. Go Travis for being a trooper and coming along!

  3. What a fun event!! Those piglets looked so cute and look at all the eggs! What a riot. I’ve never been to a farm event – I don’t know if they even have them around this area. So glad you two went and had such a great time.

  4. Thanks for the shoutout! I’m working on making our February meetup live up to the awesome-ness Lauren has already set in place 🙂 AND so happy you’re a part of The Bride Says!

  5. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Awwww. The baby chick and the piglets are soooooo cute. Glad you had fun!

  6. It looks like you had a fabulous time! I grew up on a dairy farm so I loved the picture of the baby calf and the cow. 🙂

  7. wait this is so cool, what a great idea for a meet up.

  8. Wow that is really neat and it looks like so much fun. I’m surprised I’ve never been to a farm show…seems like it would be all the rage in Upstate NY.

  9. Looks like a really fun event! I love that the little cow is in what looks like a giant dog house, haha!

  10. Oh what fun! I wouldn’t be able to eat meat for 76 days if I went. That calf was so cute!!! And the chicks… awwwwww.

  11. Omg how awesome were those whoopie pies?! haha

  12. I love this! This makes me miss my days as a College of Ag Ambassador for Auburn. The baby calf sleeping in its hutch is so cute! It’s always nice to get out and learn more about agriculture and the people responsible for feeding our country.

  13. seems like an interesting experience! Don`t even know if we have anything similiar in Norway. btw, good luck on the whole moving process and settling down in a new place!

  14. How cool!
    It is great to see that they seem to really care about the animals.

  15. Sigh… so sad I missed the Farm show this yr =(

  16. I’ve only been once and I’ve been a PA resident forever lol. I really want to go with my mom this week but our schedules are conflicting 😦 boo! sounds like it was an awesome time!

  17. Looks like fun! I’ve never been but my dad would love to have seen all of the pigs, he wants one as a pet!

    I hope you got the whoopie pie with peanut butter filling 🙂 I guess we’re supposed to brawl about where the original whoopie pies are from since I’m from Maine and you’re from Pennsylvania 😉

  18. I’m glad Travis enjoyed the event, too! That’s always important, you know?! I love that you got milkshakes… YUM!

  19. It was so great to see you again and I’m so happy you were able to come out. Great to meet your man too! 🙂

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