WIAW: Meal Planning Edition

Happy Hump Day! And What I Ate Wednesday!

As I mentioned, the past few days have been full of moving and unpacking. One thing I came across while taking things out of boxes is that, over the past few years, I’ve ripped recipes out of magazines and have done nothing with them.  I decided to hole punch them all and put them into a binder.


I sorted the recipes by Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Snacks/Dessert, and a Miscellaneous section for pages that have multiple types of recipes included.  I am pretty pleased with myself.  Winking smile



While I was being ambitious, I decided to start a new habit: meal planning before each week begins.

I created a table and got to work:


I wrote the meal for each day and then filled in the ingredients I needed to buy for each meal.  I then took the paper to the grocery store and got to work.  Note to self: next time bring a pen to check off each item!

From there, I brought my belongings home and got to work on my first meal since the move! I hung up my magazine recipe and got to work!


Cheesy Chicken Meatball-and-Tortellini Soup for the win! So easy and so delicious! Thanks, Fitness Magazine!  I did substitute turkey meatballs for the chicken meatballs (still haven’t figured out where they might be – gotta love new grocery stores!), and it was still mighty tasty!




Speaking of yum: check out the PB Crave giveaway for free PB Crave for a year!!! The deadline to enter is January 20, 2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET so make sure to enter!  Even the Chief White House Chef proclaims PB Crave Peanut Butter is “One of the best he’s ever tasted” !

Thanks, as always, to Jenn for encouraging us share our fabulous food each week!

Have you tried a new recipe lately?



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23 responses to “WIAW: Meal Planning Edition

  1. I love the idea of meal planning it takes one less thing off of your mind for the week! I also love how you hold up the paper with a hanger! That is such a good idea! I hate when I lay it down somewhere and then it gets all wet and then its a mess and yah you get it.(:

  2. I’m making ham this week. Not sure why, but I’ve never made it before. Looking forward to it. I also tear recipes out of magazines and have them jammed into a box – need to organize!! By the way – I too love your magazine recipe holder. Genius! 🙂

  3. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Good call on organizing your recipes! I just use Pinterest for that these days. Which is weird for me, because I do almost everything else the old-fashioned, non-technology way. 😉
    I usually “meal plan” in my head the day before. It works for me…for now!

  4. pickyrunner

    I love the clothes hanger to hang up your recipe. So creative 🙂 Meal planning is a great idea for people who like to mix up what they eat. For me, I eat the same thing every single day so there’s not a whole lot of need for it haha I buy the same stuff and the same amount of everything at the grocery store every few days and I’m set!

  5. Rachel B

    that is such an awesome idea – I have tried a recipe box but its hard to keep organized. thanks!

  6. Wow, great job organizing your recipes! I really need to do that, they are everywhere.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS. The hanger idea. I LOVE IT! Can we please hang out when you get settled in! The recipe book is such a great idea!! I’m always ripping pages out of magazines then I end up having random pages everywhere

  8. I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE A BINDER!! I just have file folders. You are going to make me up my ante…

  9. I love your little recipe “holder” haha I actually ordered a cute meal planning notebook from Maybooks (www.maybooks.com) and I LOVE it!

  10. Wow this is awesome. One day I hope to get to your level of meal planning LOL. I’ve heard so many people have awesome luck with this so eventually I defs want to give it a shot.

  11. I love meal planning! Since I’m living at home now me and my mom do it on Sundays most of the time.

  12. I wish I could get into meal planning I just can’t! it seems so awesome the way you do it, my type a person is loving it

  13. Umm you’ve totally inspired me! I have a folder of all workouts/recipes I have yet to even touch and I would love to make a binder.

  14. the soup looks great!! i really need to be better at meal planning, i’ve just been winging it lately

  15. I love the organization 🙂 I also love the hanger with the recipe. Haha. That is so perfect (and what a creative idea!)

  16. Meal planning is an absolute must in our house. I find it so save me a lot of sanity. 🙂 I am currently on a soup craze, cant wait to make this one.

  17. Wooo! Yay for organizing and meal planning. That is way impressive. I wish I was as organized as you!

  18. Girl, your so organized!! I have a meal planning book.. and I think, okay i KNOW i’d go crazy if it happened to disappear! Ha Ha

  19. I love the idea of the binder! Very organized. 🙂 I also love the hanger!! Great recipe too!

  20. Yay for meal planning!! I love your chart! I think that’s the teacher in you because I have never thought to make a chart to meal plan. So smart!!

  21. I have a three-ring binder filled with recipes, also categorized, and I swear that it’s the best thing ever. I love your chart!

  22. I’ve been meaning to make a recipe binder for seriously YEARS! I should put it on my 2013 goals list.

  23. Pingback: Goals: Meal Planning (part 1)

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