First PMB of 2013

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week has been an odd one…orientation for subbing isn’t until this afternoon so I’ve spent the days not really knowing what to do.  And wasting a lot of time on the computer…oops.

Here we go, though, with the newest edition of my PMBs.

My physical brag is that I have signed up for 5 races so far this year!

1. Just a Short Run 5k in the Pittsburgh area – March 30

2. Pittsburgh Half Marathon – May 5

3. Color Run DC – May 19

4. Tri-It Triathlon (Delaware) – 1/4 mi. swim, 10 mi. bike, 2 mi. run – June 9

5. Diamondman Challenge Half Ironman (Delaware) – September 8

So excited and hopefully I can stay injury free.  I ran yesterday and my hips are really tight after it.  I really hope this doesn’t last…

Mentally, I’m going to brag about the fact that I mentally stayed relaxed during my move and have totally unpacked everything! Plus, it all fits!!! YAY!

And for my overall brag, I just want to mention how lucky I am to have such a great fiance! First, he allowed me to turn our spare bedroom into our own personal spin class:


Secondly, he bought me tickets to the Broadway tour of Beauty and the Beast for Christmas.  The show was Tuesday night and it was really, really awesome! Love the music from the show.  A Change in Me is my jam. I just so happened to find a video of Anneliese van der Pol (Chelsea from That’s So Raven) singing the song…talk about random hah.


And lastly, he allows me to make black bean burgers and even pretends to enjoy them Winking smile


Another brag: they actually were mighty delicious, and I’m proud of myself for being able to follow this recipe Smile


I skipped the bun on this one, but Travis enjoyed them on a flatbread.  Thank goodness for my organized recipe book so I found this Winking smile

Alright, I’m done bragging! Have a great day! Thanks to Hollie for the weekly link up!

Tell me something great in your life right now!



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14 responses to “First PMB of 2013

  1. 5 races- that is awesome!!!! I just recently purchased the chipotle black bean burgers from Costco. I had never had a black bean burger before and I love them. They are so yummy!

  2. Angela @ Health's Angel

    Beauty and the Beast was hands-down my favorite Disney movie when I was younger. And still is…. omgosh. I wanted to be Belle. I would love to see that show!

  3. I’m impressed with all the races you already have lined up – and they included a Tri AND a half Ironman? Whoa baby, that’s fantastic!

    Oooh Beauty and the Beast would be awesome to see. What a terrific Christmas present!!!

  4. Love it!
    You impress me with all that you have going for 2013! I have been looking at a 12k race and just started getting back into running. I just need to go for it and sign up.

  5. 5 races???? kicking butt and taking names, that is what I call it!

  6. 5 races?! WOW! You are amazing 😛

  7. I love this. Five races and I hope to run the Pittsburgh with you. I’m really happy the move went so well and you stayed calm (I know personally it stresses me out to no end so staying calm is always important!).

  8. Go you!!!! Races and yummy recipes… you rock!

  9. I LOVE that spin bike set up you guys have!! That is so awesome!!

  10. I love Beauty and the Beast! I’m so jealous!! And way to go on the races! I’ve got 3 locked in so far–the Marathon, a half, and a mud run–ready for some more though!

  11. Really cute post! Exciting about all the upcoming races…and I bet Beauty and the Beast will be a blast!

  12. so jealous of your races! I want to do the harrisburg and hershey half!

  13. Wow – 5 races? That is so awesome! I just read an article about signing up for races in January will encourage you to stick with your running throughout the year (this is more so for people that need motivation – like me 😉 ) but that’s awesome nonetheless!

  14. Yay for registering for races! We’re signed up for 11 so far (and we’ve run one already). Good luck with all of your training and I love your spinning studio 😉

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