Decorating the Place

Happy Monday to you! How were your weekends? Mine was pretty great: spent a lot of time decorating the apartment, eating, and exercising.  Travis and I went on a 20 mile ride to Delaware and back yesterday (disclaimer: I live about 2 miles from Delaware…). It was nice and felt like I was back in my old stomping grounds.  Not only where there cornfields, but there were cows, too! It was practically totally flat, though, which I could get used to.


We also spent some time this weekend making bread and spinach artichoke dip.  I just so happened to have this bread kit in my pantry, and the dip mix thanks to the Tastefully Simple party I went to.  Honestly, the bread was from a Foodie Pen Pal a while back and was the simplest thing I’ve ever made.  I didn’t use beer (as was advertised) and used Diet Dr. Pepper instead.  No beer here.  Mix in the soda, and bake! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


The dip was super easy as well in my Little Dipper Crock Pot! So perfect together.


After we fueled up, we got down to business finally hanging our pictures and decorations.  The place feels much more like home!


We hung some pictures in one of the hallways as shown above.



Remember that one from the fundraising Travis and I did for the CF Cycle for Life event? Still one of my proudest moments.

We also found this cute little thing for hallway in the entry way.  If you didn’t know, Travis kind of loves birds so that really made him happy to find!


Lastly, we found another thing perfect for us.


In. Love.

Speaking of love….anyone else as obsessed with  Girls as I am and watch the Season 2 premiere last night???

Okey dokey, time to be productive some more.  I better not get used to not having work.  Time to get as much accomplished as humanly possible!

Have a great day!

Do you have a favorite decoration where you live??



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24 responses to “Decorating the Place

  1. Morning nikki! I had a pretty low key weekend, which was really nice. The bread looks amazing! I have always wanted to bake my own, but never have. I should do that! Pictures are all beautiful!

  2. organicallymo

    LOVE the decorations! One of my personal favorites is the personalized Cinderella/Prince Charming cake topper my BFF got us for our wedding. I love getting to look at it everyday!

  3. Cindy

    If you ever make that bread again, try using Mt. Dew. It gives the bread a sweet taste–very good!

  4. Steph - The Event Crashers

    love the pittsburgh photo!

  5. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I love decorating! I have to stop myself constantly from buying new pictures, art, etc. for my apartment. It’s pretty small and so it would just end up looking cluttered if I went to town with the decorating 🙂 I love the bird string!

  6. I love you how decorated, it looks great. I am not a huge bird fan, but those birds are pretty cute!

  7. What a fun weekend! You now have more things on your wall then I do in my new house. LOL I don’t have a favorite decoration – I think I just like the overall sense of having all my stuff in one place. Makes it feel like home. Plus, I’m still trying to determine my decorating style. It’s much harder to do in a big house than in my little apartment where anything was fine! 🙂

  8. The house looks great!! I love all the personal touches you were able to get up on the walls! I watched the entire first season of girls last week in oh 2 days. I didn’t realize it was back on for season 2, I will definitely be watching that later this week.

  9. I love your decor! I have a wall of family pictures that I love. Happy Monday!

  10. pickyrunner

    Love all your decorations! My house that I’ve been living in for 20 years doesn’t even have that many pictures and art in it haha it makes it so much cozier though!

  11. I still have yet to decorate my apartment fully, need to get on that…. spinach and artichoke dip so freaking good.

  12. Um now I am craving Spinach and Artichoke dip! THANKS! haha jk 🙂

  13. Aw I love you wall hangings! So you. Drew has. Bike picture frame that we love 🙂 so us!

  14. EEK I loveee your decorations!! So adorable. That bike ride sounds amazing! Oh and I had NO idea you could use soda instead of beer, good to know!

  15. Your little dipper crock pot is so cute!! I might need to register for one like that! Truth be told, I hate the way our apt is decorated, but waiting until we move to do anything about it

  16. Ooo! I love the new decorations! I love cast-iron looking things, like the birds you found! I just think it makes a room look so much better and authentic-ish. I’m glad you found a bike path that reminds you of the ‘burg 😉 It’s always nice for something to remind you of home!

  17. That little dipper pot is so cute! Looks like you’re making some great progress with your decorating!

  18. I love the decorations! You are going to make that place home in no time! (:

  19. I love the little birds wire! Is it from Target? I think I saw it there! I need to start hanging some more pictures/decorations in our house. It’s a year and a half later and we still have a ton of decorating to do. I recently purchased some fun prints off of ETSY, I just need to get to the store and buy some frames for them 🙂

    As for ‘Girls’ – I just can’t get into it. I love the idea of it and I think it has some great messages to the story lines but some of it was just too ‘over-the-line’ for me. I am glad to see that they won the Golden Globe though; the show is definitely very original and Lena is so very talented.

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