Geno’s PSA

I know, I know.  I already showed you our decorations earlier today.  Well, as a placemat-obsessed girl, I was sad that I forgot to show you our other decoration: our new placemats!


I’m in love with them.  Travis actually kind of aided in choosing them, which kind of surprised me, but totally overjoyed me at the same time.  Oh ya, and that’s sadly the end of the bread and SpinArt dip we devoured in two days.  Sad smile

Did you notice all of the engagement cards in the pictures from earlier today?  Well, we also got something from my great aunt and uncle that I’m in love with.  We got a whole set of monogrammed towels. Can you spot the nCt?? Now, the question is, am I allowed to used them before that’s my official last initial??


Also, Geno is here with a little PSA.  He wants everyone to be sure to use reusable bags when they shop! What an eco-friendly feline!


P.S., if you’re looking for a nice little home workout, head over to Tina’s At-Home Chipper.  It gets the job done for sure. Sweaty. Mess.

Do you use reusable bags?? What about placemats?



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15 responses to “Geno’s PSA

  1. LOL. Elmo always rolls in anything on the floor, too. Jackets, sweaters, bags, scarves… I think he does it to remind me to clean up after myself.

    And I’m pretty sure it would take me a day to get through 40 push-ups in that workout. I’d start at like 9:00 AM and be finished with those at about 2:00.

  2. pickyrunner

    Awwww so cute!!!! He should be an ad for recycling bags 😉

  3. Aww cutie, and I like those placemats too!

  4. Your cat is adorable. Tell him I already use reusable bags that way he can still like me:)

  5. I love the sequence on the edges of the placemats. They look so fancy 🙂

  6. Lol my cat does the SAME THING to our reusable bags..I often wonder if it is really even worth it to keep them when they are totally full of cat hair. :-/ Silly cats!!

  7. Just went and read your previous post. Your place is coming together PERFECT & looks adorable so far =)

  8. Such a cute kitty and awesome towels!! I have a million reusable bags but I never use them for groceries, I have a reason though! I use the plastic bags from the grocery store for garbage bags in all the small trash baskets in the house AND we have two kitties so they make a lot of messes in the litter box and we wrap their ” litter box presents” in the plastic bags and tie them so that our main garbage doesn’t stink. There are many uses!

  9. Love the new towels!!! I say use them 🙂

    I try to remember my reusable bags at the grocery store, but 90% of time I forget them in the trunk of my car. It is so annoying!

  10. Geno is so cute! We have tons of reusable bags that I always take to the grocery store. I like place mats too. We have them on dining room table right now and sometimes I have them on the kitchen table too.

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