Sambazon Smoothie Review and Giveaway

Remembered when I mentioned Sambazon before? Well, you all are in for a treat today! I know the holidays have basically faded away, but I know I still feel like I over-indulged. Thanks to Sambazon, I was able to try to good-for-me nutrition that was easy and tasty, too!


Sambazon, which creates smoothies inspired by the Amazon, has recently released two new superfood smoothie flavors: Chocolate + Almond + Coconut Milk and Supergreens.  Like all Sambazon products, both smoothies are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Ecocert Fair Trade, vegan and gluten free. In addition, the Chocolate + Almond + Coconut Milk is a deliciously creamy smoothie with eight grams of vegan whole-food protein per serving, plus healthy omegas. And Supergreens is a fusion of vitality-boosting kale and ginger, providing two full servings of fruits and vegetables, and more than 120 açaí berries in each bottle. Wowza.

Though I wasn’t able to find these specific flavors in my local stores, I was able to find two other flavors: Acai Blueberry + Pomegranate and The Original Acai.  They were really tasty, and fiance approved! Kitty wishes he could have a taste, too…




Not only was the taste good, but the stats were pretty nice as well! Gotta love my Omegas!

Not only did Sambazon send me vouchers for the smoothies, but they sent a handcrafted bowl and spoon, too.  I typically use to bowl to share my nighttime snack with Travis.  Both the bowl and spoon are beautiful.  And the twisted Cheetos are far too addictive.



The great people at Sambazon want more of you to try their on-the-go nutrition.  Five of you lucky readers will win vouchers as well as your own handcrafted bowl and spoon.

To enter, head to the Sambazon website and tell me something you learned about the company or the product you’d like to try the most.

For additional entries, leave comments if you do the following:

That’s a total of 5 entries possible per person.  Be sure to get your entries in as the giveaway winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 22!

Best of luck! You don’t want to miss out Smile!



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57 responses to “Sambazon Smoothie Review and Giveaway

  1. Steph - The Event Crashers

    I love the “One Tribe. One Vibe.” motto! Very inspiring. I’d also loveeeee to try the strawberry pomegranate! (Please and thank you :))

  2. Steph - The Event Crashers

    I follow Sambazon on Twitter via @EventCrashers

  3. Steph - The Event Crashers

    I like Sambazon on Facebook!

  4. Steph - The Event Crashers

    I like (or love) Life After Swimming on Facebook

  5. Steph - The Event Crashers

    I tweeted, too 🙂

  6. Renata

    I would love to try their Supergreens with Kale to get some more veggies in my diet!

  7. Renata

    I follow Sambazon on Twitter!

  8. Renata

    I like Sambazon on Facebook!

  9. Renata

    I like you on Facebook! #100 too! 🙂

  10. Renata

    And I tweeted! Thank you!

  11. I want to try their 3 protein shakes – the choclate acai, vanilla, and the chocolate coconut. Definitely would love that extra protein boost!

  12. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I would love to try the super greens smoothie! I’ve been on a kale kick this week. 🙂

  13. YUMMM I love on the go snacks!! Anything acai is a green light in my books!

  14. I followed them on twitter @megankellly

  15. I didn’t expect to see so many recipes. They all sound delicious! I’d love to try out the smoothie ones.

  16. I already like Life After Swimming on Facebook

  17. the bowl is sweet, I was such a fan of that

  18. Rachel B

    I like that they support the communities the farms are located in! SO important for a company to be conscious! I want to try the protein shakes, I’m a protein shake kind of girl 😉 I’d also LOVE to try the sorbet!!

  19. Rachel B

    I liked your site on facebook!

  20. Rachel B

    and I liked Sambazon as well 🙂 don’t have twitter so that’s it for me!

  21. oh! SuperGreen smoothie. or anything with any kind of berries. I’m not picky. I heart all smoothies!

  22. Donna

    love the SAMBAZON’S PRINCIPLES OF PURPLE LOVE! Love to try the acai bluueberry and pomergrante

  23. Donna

    i like Sambazon on facebook

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  25. Donna

    i like life after swimming on facebook

  26. Donna

    sorry, don’t twitter but if I did…..

  27. Georgiana

    I would love to try their frozen Acai Sorbet and I learned that it’s lactose free too and nondairy! Yum!

  28. Georgiana

    I like Sambazon on Facebook too! Thank you!

  29. Raymond

    I would like to try their SuperGreen for more veggies and energy.

  30. Raymond

    I like Sambazon on Facebook. Thanks! Great giveaway!

  31. I had no idea what Acerola was–now I know it is the Amazon cherry and is super good for me! 😀

  32. Their super green smoothies look awesome!!

  33. Following Sambazon on Twitter

  34. Liked LIfe After Swimming on facebook =)

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  36. following them on twitter!

  37. Caroline

    I’d love to try the supergreens smoothie or the blueberry pomegranate!

  38. Omg omg I need to win! Acai has more antioxidants than blueberries and all your omegas!! The bowl is gorgeous ugh need to win!

  39. I would love to try the Acaí with Blueberry + Pomegranate

  40. I Like Sambazon on Facebook.

  41. I Like Life After Swimming on Facebook.

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