Bragging about Nothing

Well, this whole week can be wrapped into one word: nothingness.  I have done tiny things here and there, but mostly, this week has started with Live with Kelly and Michael in the morning, blogging and working out, followed by Ellen until dinner and nighttime spent with Trav.  There was a little bit of excitement today, though, when Geno decided to climb around in the kitchen and get stuck in a garbage can.  This can deters him from climbing on top of the cabinets, but he managed to get inside.  And luckily he’s not any heavier because I had to rescue him.


During this overly boring time, I looked to my friends on Facebook for ideas on how to pass the time.  Some suggestions include:

  • Private tutoring

  • Substitute teaching (which I should be able to do shortly….just waiting on paperwork)

  • (definitely have done my fair share of that)

  • Go explore your new town on your own

  • A few suggestions to read (and I have started reading The Fault in Our Stars, which I’ve been dying to get around to for months.  I’ve read all of John Green’s other books, and needed the time to get around to this one!)

  • Volunteer somewhere was suggested a few times

  • Come take care of your doggie nephew (I wonder who might have sent that…)

  • Plan your wedding! (did look into a few things and print a wedding guide)

  • Find a cute local yarn shop or knitting group (sometimes held at libraries or churches) and learn to knit – it will come in handy as a stress reliever as your wedding day approaches (plus it makes for inexpensive but adorable holiday gifts for family and friends or charitable groups that need baby or cancer hats, etc.) – (which I am TOTALLY looking into…thanks, Marcie Winking smile).

I love all of the suggestions.  And now I’m going to relate all of this free time to my weekly PMBs, thanks to Hollie.

My physical brag is that I have worked out EVERY day this week, even if it was just yoga.  I joined the local master’s program and started swimming again, which is great for my upcoming triathlon adventures. To check my workouts, you can always look at my Daily Mile.  I even post the swim sets I do if any of you who swim on your own are looking for something to keep you going!

Mentally, I’m going to brag about the fact that I have been remaining as positive as possible during this down time.  I’m sure many people would be overjoyed to have at least 2 weeks off.  But for me, I like business.  I like having a schedule and the like.  I like having an INCOME! But as my dear cousin mentioned, I have the rest of my life to work, so enjoy this time!

My life brag? I have made dinner every day for two days but today.  I had dinner planned for tonight but had really bad cramps (TMI?…nah…) and had Trav throw some spaghetti and meatballs together, which was on the agenda for tomorrow.  I made lots of Crock Pot meals, but I also made Sweet Potato Crust Pizza, thanks to Tina.  I loved it and have been really enjoying the leftovers for lunch.



Travis is all about the plain pizza, which I’m totally ok with Smile.

My intention was to volunteer at the animal shelter today, but as I mentioned, strike of the cramps and freezing rain kind of changed my mind.  But I do plan on going tomorrow, and I am excited!

Do you enjoy doing nothing, or are you one that have to be constantly going?

Any other suggestions on how to spend my time?



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11 responses to “Bragging about Nothing

  1. pickyrunner

    Oooh your pizza is making me a hungry beast! Hha kidding, I already was one before I saw this. But really, I’m a starvin’ marvin today! Good for you for staying positive. I hate sitting still too, but if you make yourself get out and explore, or even just get out of the house for a walk, the time will fly 🙂

  2. that cat is one creative hider, I mean that is skill. I know it must be tough for you but it seems like you are keeping busy. I guess all I would say is enjoy this time while you have it especially since it sounds like the careers you are looking into will not have this type of break ever!

  3. YAY for nothing weeks! also, TFIOS is amazing. obviously, since john green is a god 🙂

  4. You worked out every day?! That is amazing girl!!! You are motivating me 🙂

  5. I’m looking forward to hearing about wedding plans!! I LOVED substitute teaching. You get them at their wildest, of course, but it can be a lot of fun.

  6. Bahahahha that cat picture is too good. My cat gets into shit like that all the time and he is black too. I swear black cats are more adventurous.

  7. hanging out in trashcans is cool! I try to do it daily! 😛 that picture is too cute! Hope you are feeling better! (:

  8. Okay that pizza is awesome!!!! I was able to navigate to it but just an FYI the link is broken!! Silly kitty… I love when they get stuck.

  9. Great job with the workouts and cooking. That is brag worthy material for sure! I liked all of the ideas that your FB friends gave you to help pass your time. I like to knit, but sometimes I think that just reading a book is a bit more relaxing.

  10. I love Kelly & Michael! 🙂
    Glad you had a laid-back week, sometimes we need those from time to time. At least you worked out every day! 😀 That’s AWESOME!
    Sweet potato pizza crust!?!?! What!? Sounds amazing! Have you had cauliflower crust pizza yet? I’ve heard great things about it too but have yet to try to it.

  11. Pizza looks delicious. I do like to keep moving and doing–but on weekends the down time does feel good!

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