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It’s BACK!

Yesterday was a good day.  No, a GREAT day.  A great day for what? A GREAT DAY FOR HOCKEY! 


Ok, ok.  Sorry.  I am not a big fan of football or baseball or basketball.  But hockey, that’s a different story.


And my team WON against their biggest rival in the first game back after a longggggg lockout.


Add on top a great swim practice, a great ride, a great dinner at Olive Garden, and an amazing movie (Silver Linings Playbook), and it was a super great day.


Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, please do.  Especially if you have any background in special education or counseling or mental health.  If it wasn’t a good movie to begin with, seeing that perspective of things really made me fall in love with it.  And looking at Bradley Cooper can’t ever be a bad thing…

Hoping to carry yesterday’s greatness into today, starting with a run.  And hopefully ending with another win today! Winking smile Let’s go Pens!

Are you a hockey fan?? If so, who is your team? I can’t promise I’ll still be your friend once you tell, but I’ll consider!



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The Myrtl Routine

Because I currently have no job and can’t start subbing until all of my paperwork is processed, I’ve had a lot of time to blog, watch movies, catch up on my life, etc. 

Today, while running on the treadmill, I read USA Triathlon’s winter 2013 issue.  And then I came across this little blurb about injury prevention regarding hips and immediately bookmarked the page to look back as soon as I got home.

Because I’ve had trouble with weak hips in the past, and because the little article mentions weak hips leading to injuries elsewhere, I took the article to heart.  It mentions a set of 12 exercises called the Myrtl Routine that are used to strengthen the hip area and increase range of motion.

Thanks to running coach Jay Johnson, here’s a video of the exercises:

And here’s a printable version outlining and explaining them all!  I did the routine this afternoon after my workout and it took about 10 minutes.  I hope to do it every day and help my hips out! They seem to ALWAYS been tight… EEK.

Also, if you get a chance check out these two awesome articles:

NASA Astronaut Completes 1st Triathlon in Space (self-explanatory)

2012 SportsKids of the Year: Conner and Cayden Long (amazing, heartwarming story of a great triathlon team)

What sorts of injury prevention do you do?

P.S. – in case you missed it, here’s a chance to win my Sambazon smoothie giveaway!


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My pv.body Gear!

Look what came in the mail!!!


My pv.body workout gear! Remember when I told you about pv.body??  I love it so much!!


The pink tank is adorable.  It is criss-crossed in the back with some patterning up the front and back.  I love it! Makes it great to sweat pink in! Plus, a built-in bra! And who can go wrong with long black running pants?! Seriously.  They’re so comfy and they have a key pocket on the waistband.


Seriously, though.  Go to this website and order at least a month’s worth of pv.body goodies. Especially with 20% off.  You can’t beat workout clothes delivered to your door!

Don’t forget to follow pv.body on Twitter and Facebook! They run promotions and giveaways on their pages!

What a great way to get motivated in the new year!


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Getting Up to Date

I have pretty much been slacking when it comes to blogging and commenting on blogs, and I totally apologize for that.  You’d think I’d be all about spending time on my new computer, but truthfully, life has been more about spending time with family and stressing out about the last month of graduate school.  I will go one more step and say that I’ll probably continue to slacking until at least December 14th, when school is over.  Unless faculty strikes, which could happen considering there is currently not a contract.

Here’s just a quick round-up post for you to fill you in on how I’d been since my fancy ravioli family time Smile

1.  I went to my aunt and uncle’s house to spend time with my family on Thursday.  Cillian adorably chowed down on a turkey leg.


Meanwhile, I chowed down on apple/cranberry crisp and Creamery ice cream.  We had pumpkin and chocolate chip cookie dough! Yum!IMG_1066


2.  I left my family’s Thanksgiving quickly after dessert to drive 4 hours to Trav’s family.  I immediately got wrangled into Black Friday shopping, which I’m not the biggest fan of.  I do all of my shopping online! haha


That’s our shopping group around 4 am after we got back and before some of us heading out to shop again! I am going to blame the fact that I’m closer to the camera as the reason my face is kinda looking large haha. 

3.  I signed up for a half Ironman distance triathlon! EEK! It’s not until September 8, 2013, but it’s still crazy nonetheless!

4. I got to spend Friday night visiting with a college roommate, Anna! It was great to see her, catch up around a bonfire, and see her family!


5. I got to spend the weekend with Trav’s family as well as a wonderful addition to their family! They hosted a foreign exchange student from Spain while Travis was in high school, and Carlos came back to visit while he is spending a semester studying in Boston!


Travis, Carlos, and Trav’s brother! It was awesome to spend time with him, and to hear about his first experience watching Honey Boo Boo (eeekkk…).

6.  Can’t forget the good eats at Trav’s! 


Coffee and pumpkin crunch for breakfast  Smile


Shoofly Pie! – DELICIOUS!


Grilled chicken salad from Chili’s – with corn salsa and beans! Amazing!

Alright – it’s back to the grind for three more weeks! At least Hollie is visiting currently! She spent the night last night on her way back to NY, so be prepared for recaps! Smile

Happy Monday! How was your weekend/holiday??


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