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It’s BACK!

Yesterday was a good day.  No, a GREAT day.  A great day for what? A GREAT DAY FOR HOCKEY! 


Ok, ok.  Sorry.  I am not a big fan of football or baseball or basketball.  But hockey, that’s a different story.


And my team WON against their biggest rival in the first game back after a longggggg lockout.


Add on top a great swim practice, a great ride, a great dinner at Olive Garden, and an amazing movie (Silver Linings Playbook), and it was a super great day.


Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, please do.  Especially if you have any background in special education or counseling or mental health.  If it wasn’t a good movie to begin with, seeing that perspective of things really made me fall in love with it.  And looking at Bradley Cooper can’t ever be a bad thing…

Hoping to carry yesterday’s greatness into today, starting with a run.  And hopefully ending with another win today! Winking smile Let’s go Pens!

Are you a hockey fan?? If so, who is your team? I can’t promise I’ll still be your friend once you tell, but I’ll consider!



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If you haven’t caught on by now, I work 4 jobs.  Yep, that’s right.  The life of a poor college grad student.

First, I work a few hours a week at the gym on campus.  I did this as an undergrad and continued into grad school.

Second, I work as a grad assistant for the microcomputer department on campus.  As a special education major, it has nothing to do with my degree, but it does take me back to the days in which I worked at the Library of Congress.

Right now, I am at this job.  This is me being stoked to finish up my last shift of the semester:


Welp, I think I need a life.

Third, I am an assistant swim coach for the local high school swim team.

And for job number four, I substitute teach when possible.

With the jobs, class, and workouts, heading home to see the family is rare.  And makes it so that my Christmas break consists of only 2 weekends home (4 whole days…), but at least I don’t have class for a month!

BUT ALAS! I get to go home to Pittsburgh this weekend to see my lovely family.  It is the Popsicle’s (my dad) birthday! Travis is also coming home with me.

Tomorrow afternoon, we are heading to lunch with some of my best friends.  Majority of my friends from high school swam with me, and we have planned a little luncheon at Eat’n Park for some smiles Smile.  Eat’n Park is the place for smiles, you know!

You best believe I am getting a smiley cookie! Open-mouthed smile

After that, though, is when the real fun begins! My parents, Trav, and I are heading into town for the Penguins hockey game against the Sabres!

It’s Trav’s first Pens game so he is really excited.

Sorry, Trav, I may love me some hockey, but I am more excited for this:

Evgeni Malkin has a huge place in my heart.  I guess you could say I have a thing for goofy looking, gangly guys.  C’mon, that’s where Geno got his name, and you all know how much I love my little kitty!

Although, I think I like this picture of him better…


I told Travis I was going to the Sunglass Boutique, I guess I forgot to mention with whom I was going Winking smile

Too bad the other Pens cutie pie is out again with more concussion complications Sad smile .

We will miss you out there, Sid!

Though it’s safe to say that tall, skinny guys take the cake for my favorite build (ahem, cross country runners … I know, I am a nerd), hockey players have it going on as well. As long as they have teeth (or at least pretend to Winking smile).

Also on the agenda for the weekend: wrapping Christmas gifts, and of course celebrating Dad’s birthday!

Can’t wait to be home! About an hour more work, coaching, and then helping out at graduation for master’s students tonight, then Travis and I are hitting the high road home.

Are you a hockey fan?

What are your weekend plans?


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Time to Give Thanks

I know it’s not quite yet Thanksgiving, but as I sit and watch my beloved Penguins hockey team kick some butt, I have a lot of people to thank as of late. I have received a lot of things in the mail because of giveaways and also because I am loved Smile.

Sidenote: let me just tell you that I am PUMPED to see my love, Evgeni Malkin, back on the ice today.  I love him.  C’mon, I even named my cat after him.  I love Geno.


Ok, now on to all of the awesome people I have to thank.  I feel like I have won an Oscar or something haha.

1. I realize that this is long overdue, but long ago I won a giveaway from Cait at Beyond Bananas.  I won a Fit Frappe powder from Big Train! I know I am really slacking, but I haven’t yet tried my Protein Powder because of an extremely hectic schedule and tons of traveling, but I am more than excited to get a chance to soon!


2. I also got some sweet coupons from Ellen at Undercover Runner Eats for awesome deals on some Athenos Greek Yogurt. Considering I stock up on yogurt, I haven’t needed to use them yet, but I am excited to in the future! I have never had this particular brand, but I love my Greek yogurts!!


3. Another giveaway I won: Stonehouse 27 Sauce and Lundberg giveaway from Elise at Hungry Hungry Hippie! I got the tamarind and garlic sauce with rice, and since I cook for one, I haven’t used it yet (plus it just arrived over the weekend!).  I am hoping that one day soon, Travis will make a visit and I can cook up a yummy meal!


4.  Clif Bar gave away 500 free bars through their Twitter account (@clifbar), and mine just came in the mail today! It’s their new seasonal flavor, Peppermint Stick, and I am more than excited to try it! IMG_2935

I love me some Clif bars, and if you didn’t know that, check out what I bought at the store today.


5. Though this is not a giveaway, I have family that loves me and sends me fun Halloween presents.  Thanks to my lovely aunt and uncle, I have these little guys to display in my house Smile.  They fit right in with the enormous TY Beanie Baby collection that still finds a home under my bed at my parent’s house. Maybe I should get some new tag protectors?


Thank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone who has sent me these magnificent things.  As I eat/use them, I will let everyone know what I think! Oh, and if you don’t follow those particular blogs, you really should.  They are awesome healthy living/exercise bloggers, and I love reading about what they have to say!

I also should thank my lucky stars about my run today.  What was supposed to be a 5 miler turned into a 6 miler due to faulty GPS systems and a faulty brain.  What I mean is that I didn’t map out my run prior to beginning and took a route that was longer than I thought.  Oops.  Oh well, my legs felt great and the only things that aren’t happy now are the second toes on each foot.  They always get the bruises and blisters!! Poor tootsies. My run was nice, though.  Lots of farmland and animals with some rolling hills.  Great day to run, especially since I hear it’s going to get cold outside soon!

Well, the Pens just won and I am going to watch some TV before hitting the sack. Night!

Question: Tomorrow is my cross-training day.  Do you think I should swim, cycle, or elliptical!?


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