The Story of Us

Thanks, T Swift, for that little bit of title inspiration.

All of these little wedding posts around the blog world got me to thinking…none of you had gotten the chance to hear about my love life story!

Soooo, bear with the sappiness, but here goes!

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She moved 2 hours from home for college.  At this college, she knew one person.  And she wasn’t even friends with him.

I’m guessing you figured out who that girl was, right? Me, of course!

I came to Shippensburg a lost, lonely girl far from home. But don’t feel bad for me! Being on the swim team introduced me to my awesome roommate (still to this day), who was one of the “lame” girls at the team parties who didn’t drink and was ready to leave at like 11. Just like me!

The BF, roomie and I, being all matchy matchy freshman year!

Soon, we were practically inseparable.  And, better yet, she had friends from home that were just as lame as us! 😉 By the end of our first month of college, we were swimming hardcore and spending our free time with a group of 6 awesome people. Lots of Guitar Hero and movie nights! My kind of fun!

One of those lame people happened to become my boyfriend.  But back then, there was no love interest.  I was just getting out of a serious high school relationship, and he was just trying to enjoy the college scene. We both had our fun in college, but a few months into it, we were all pulled back to our small group.

One of our first pictures together...four years ago!!

Quickly, it was time to head home for winter break and the two of us had just admitted to each other that we had a huge crush going on. We kept it kind of hush-hush, though.  I didn’t even tell my best friend! (I mean, for a girl, that’s a big deal!)

Christmas break over, and we finally admitted to our friends what our little secret was. A month later (end of January) we were official. (Aweee, I know).

Then, summer came. And, unfortunately, we were three hours away from each other.  A little taste of long distance only proved to strengthen our relationship.  Though we had a little setback a year ago, four years later, we are going strong. We have been through the typical ups and downs, but I don’t know what I would do without him. He listens to my complaining, tears, and goofy stories, and I put up with his football obsession and bird loving! 😉

After I sent him on a birthday treasure hunt! 🙂

We coot!

Shipped out!


Ok, I will spare you the massive amount of photos of us I have on my computer… Now that he is back at home, I will admit, Shippensburg is a little lonelier! But he is making big boy money at his big boy job! What a great teacher he must be!

Enough with the love story. I am sleepy! I worked from 6:30 – 4 today! Bed time for me!

Any fun weekends planned??



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16 responses to “The Story of Us

  1. Joey Hightman

    Go get it guys, i’m happy for you. Do your thing.

  2. Awee. You guys are too cute! I love it. I’m going down to NYC this weekend to visit the brother. So this weekend will be the only one I have fun plans, HA.

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    What an adorable little love story! You two are very cute together 🙂

    I can totally relate to the whole long distance making your relationship stronger thing. Will & I started to talk more than ever before when we were far apart. Sometimes, long distance can actually work out to be a good thing.

  4. Suppperrr cute story! You guys seem great together! This weekend, as you know, I am moving to NYC :o)

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  6. I love LOVE stories haha. you guys are a cute couple too!

  7. Carin

    Awww!!!!! Love the story! And I’m sure your kiddies will too! You may be lonelier in Shippensburg but you have the MORRIS family here in your feeling lonely times!! Have fun at the beach this weekend! I’m hoping to make your Angel food cake dessert too! I’ll let you know how mine turns out!

  8. Awww you guys are so cute! Christopher and I met when I was a freshman and he was a big sophomore, hehe! Ah, good times! 🙂

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