Take it to the Park

Howdy, all! Hope you all enjoyed a great holiday weekend and thanked those who have served and are currently serving our nation!

If you missed what I was up to this weekend, check out my beach recap.  Or if you want to learn a little more about competitive swimming (or see a hot picture of Ryan Lochte), check out my swimming lingo post!

Now, let me take you to yesterday.  I was feeling pretty freaking bad about myself.  I know you’re not supposed to compare yourself to anyone else, including your former self, but I just couldn’t help it.  Coming back from the beach and looking at pictures of myself is disheartening.

Let’s just do a little compare/contrast. Two years ago, I was 25 pounds lighter, much faster, and injury free.  I even ran a 5k in 24:57 way back when! For some, that’s not fast, but for me it is! Not just that, but I enjoyed life, too.  Not that I don’t enjoy life now.  I was just generally happier. 


Now, I am two pant sizes bigger, can barely run a mile in under 10 minutes, lack self-confidence, and can’t seem to work out without pain.  Not soreness, but legit pain.  I don’t know if weight/injury go hand in hand, but I wouldn’t throw that possibility out the window.


One thing that  I guess doesn’t change: my skin tone. Gosh I am a pasty Italian!

I decided today that I really need to do something about this.  I need to feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin.  I know weight is just a number, blah, blah, blah.  But I can feel that my body is different, and I don’t like it.

So today, I took it to the park to start pushing myself to change my attitude and my life.

How I made it through five years in Ship without visiting this park is beyond me.  I cranked out a five mile run/walk in about an hour.


As you can tell, I ran “laps” 1, 3, and 5.  It ended up being about 3 miles of running and 2 of walking.  I’m fine with that.  My speed and endurance could definitely use a little work, though.

The best parts of the workout:




Pretty views and a gazebo for post-sweat stretching!

The worst parts of the workout:

The fact that my right hip is doing just what my left one did that caused me to go to PT for 3 months…


And the post-run ice bath.  I used reusable ice cubes haha Don’t judge.

This whole thing is so frustrating.  And the hardest part is that I go places and want to try new things every weekend.  That totally throws my eating and exercising patterns off, and I really need to work on that. I may be showing more workouts/eats to try and hold myself accountable.

Any suggestions, motivation, or help would be greatly appreciated Smile

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What did you do to get over the “hump” and get focused on changing yourself!?



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39 responses to “Take it to the Park

  1. healthcraved

    wow! check out lap 5–talk about a negative split! 🙂 I understand what you’re feeling. my freshman year of college I got really unfocused, gained weight, and my swimming times plummeted. I looked at pictures of myself and decided I was going to change bc I had goals I wanted to reach. I cleaned up my diet and started really trying at practice and by the end of summer was going best times and looked great! I think you’re off to a good start. I would repeat little quotes in my head when I needed a boost…the simplest one was, “you can do this. you are mighty.” it’s such a tiny little quote but for some reason it really helped me, especially when I thought I wasn’t strong enough to do something

  2. ittybitsofbalance

    I think it’s great that you’re wanting to make some positive changes in your life and be more comfortable in your own skin! The two tips I would offer (not that I think I’m above any of this AT ALL, but just what works for me) is to remember that how you look is 80% what you eat and 20% how you exercise. It seems like lately you’ve been doing so well with the clean eating– Keep it up and I’m sure you’ll see progress in no time! Also, are you mixing up your workouts with cardio and strength too? I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but our bodies respond ESPECIALLY well to a combination of the two, not just one or the other.

    Again, I hope you dont take any of that the wrong way– Just wanted to offer my two cents!

  3. Wow, great job on the run! Those pictures are really pretty. I’d love to run somewhere like that.

    I think the greatest piece of advice that has helped me as far as exercising/weight loss/being fit & healthy in general is to take one thing at a time whether it’s daily exercise, cutting out or cutting down sugary drinks, sweets, or unhealthy snacks, or drinking more water and work on doing that one thing every day. Once that one thing feels less like a sacrifice and more like a habit then take on one more thing. Hope that helps!

  4. I think you’re absolutely beautiful in both pictures. You are so strong! As long as you’re trying your best to take care of yourself and you’re happy, it’s all good 🙂

  5. Good for you, Nikki! I have definitely been and almost feel like I am in a similar situation to you. Two years ago I was at a much lower weight–but–I wasn’t as happy as I feel now. I restricted what I ate like crazy just to be ‘skinny’. As long as your happy, that’s what really counts.

  6. I feel like this often. First, I think you look great in both photos but I know that when you don’t feel good-nothing that anyone says or does can make you feel better.

    I really think you have committed yourself to it and I can’t wait to see what goes along! 😛

  7. You can do it. I stopped running in April of 2010 and gained a lot of weight. We aren’t taking about 10 pounds, we are talking more then 10. I was miserable! Finally in January of 2011 I started working out again and lost over 40 lbs and 30 inches. I was almost the same size I was when I ran in college. It took a lot of self discipline and a personal trainer, but I did it. Anyone can. 🙂

    I really hope that your hip is okay. I know the feeling of not being able to do anything and being on the injured reserve list. It isn’t fun!

  8. Running is so difficult for me, too. But I think the more you practice, the easier it gets! So keep doing what you’re doing and keep your head up–5 miles in about an hour is AWESOME 😀

  9. Just be patient – nothing will happen overnight! You will get anywhere you want to go, and have a great time getting there. Every one of us has been in this situation to one degree or another – we all have your back!

  10. I’m going through this too. I was 20 pounds lighter a few years ago and felt so much better about myself. I make goals but for me to see actual change, my goals need to be bigger and more consistent. You’re right though, never compare yourself to others – if I EVER ran a mile in 10 minutes I think I would pass out from shock. I’m still rocking the 15min miles. 🙂

  11. I hope your hip feels better! I know the feeling of injuries and not being able to do anything…It gets better though!

  12. Jen

    It’s hard not to compare yourself even against your former self. I do it and I think we all do. You rocked those miles though and got some great pictures in as well! Keep it up and I hope your hip gets better. At least you’ve been through it before so you know what to do to help it get better!

  13. girl. I feel the same way. Is it bikini season that starts all these feelings? I’m not sure. but this weight needs to go. I was 30lbs lighter two years ago!! I’m tired of carrying it! And I want my darn clothes to fit! I think its time we do something.

  14. Great job on the run! Just remember to take it slow and give yourself the rest you need. Especially when you feel an injury coming on! Also, remember to fuel yourself healthily. Even though you’re trying to lose weight, you can still eat! Balanced fueling will help you build muscle which increase your resting metabolic rate. 🙂

  15. I’ve been in the situation of really trying to change my some of my eating habits- not necessarily to lose weight cause i usually stay about the same (seriously-since high school) but i was feeling a bit “soft.” it’s hard tho and it totally sucks but this time i’ve been sticking with it and its been better! i’ve notice i haven’t had as much sugar cravings which is totally normal for me. keep at it girlie!! you’ll be okay!!
    ps have you ever been to the rail trails by ship? i’ve been there once last summer and I really like riding my bike up there!

  16. Yes! I have totally felt this way, and still do for the most part. There are some days that everything works together and I feel great, but then just the smallest amount of stress and bam! Injuries are the worst! That is always a big fear of mine. Be proud of yourself girl! Great run! What your feeling now is part of the reason I picked up the Insanity program. 🙂

  17. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    It is hard when those moments hit. I can only say that you look beautiful in both photos, and injuries are horrible but do (generally!) pass. I have found focusing on health and fitness rather than weight or running x miles to be helpful, but it is trial and error.

  18. First off, I think you look great! But it’s important for you to feel confident and good in your own skin. I also really admire you for sharing this! I can relate completely – I’ve gained 20 pounds in the last few years and it’s incredibly upsetting. It has definitely affected my running and my confidence. I know part of the reason for the weight gain is from medication and personal stuff going on, but that’s also an excuse.

    Like you, I end up traveling and eating out a lot and I think that has a huge effect. I was just saying to Brian the other day how I think you can have a tendency to treat yourself when you eat out or eat something you wouldn’t cook at home and then it’s also so easy to eat more because portions are so big – so those are two things I want to work on.

    Other than that, I think it is important to get back to basics – eat fruits and veggies, avoid highly processed foods, and try to stick to things that are easy for your body to process and metabolize. I personally don’t agree with elimination diets, but I think it’s important to look at how much of different foods you eat.

    Anyway, good luck girl! I think you look great!!!!

    • Thank you so much for this comment! I have really been trying my best to clear my kitchen of the things I shouldn’t be eating. We can do this! haha Thankfully we both have such great support systems on these blogs! I don’t know what I would do without all of you 🙂

  19. I know how it feels to be pasty! I’m albino I swear 🙂 I think you look great regardless of how you’re feeling. Sometimes those moments are what we need to do something about them! Keep up the good work!

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